March 20, 2015


If you are in a competitive field like sports, marketing or business you've got to have fire. What I mean by fire is the desire, the eagerness, the willingness to do whatever it takes, the willingness to make sacrifices, the willingness to take action despite of being weary. Some people say if you have fire then you have a very big chance of winning...BUT... Wait, not so fast! Just because you have fire in your heart doesn't mean your success is guaranteed. What if your opponent hast fire too? what if he also possesses the characteristics and drive that you have? Who do you think will win? The answer is the owner of the hotter fire.

Your fire should be hotter than the fire of your opponent or your competitor. If he is excited to do the job then you should be crazy to do the job. If he thinks outside of the box then you should produce a thought that no one can ever think. If he always finds an opportunity then you should be the one who creates the opportunity. If he is dedicated then you should be obsess. Whatever your opponent can do, you should do it better. If he works on saturdays and sundays then you should work on Christmas and New Year or even on your son's birthday. Make sure you have the hotter fire, make sure your flame is a blue flame. There are no excuses here, it is an all out war!!!

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