March 21, 2015


There is no fire without fuel, coal, wood, garbage or anything that can be burned. Just like your fire it cannot live without inspiration, it cannot stand so long if there is nothing that makes it going. Find what feeds your fire, find what inspires you, find what makes you going, find what excites you and what motivates you. It can come from bad experience such as losing, failing or embarrassment or it can even come form inspiration such as love ones, goals, dreams or redemption.

There are so many ways to find what feeds your fire, you are the one who is responsible for looking after it. Sometimes you don't even to look for it because you can feel it naturally, there is always something that makes you mad, makes you angry, makes you move or makes you unstoppable and once you see what makes you fired up use it, think of it every time you need to get motivated, always think of it so that you will always be on the move.

Once that something that makes you fired up is no longer effective and is no longer of use to you, find another thing that makes you excited, angry, motivated and passionate. The fuel that feeds your fire will never ran out, it is unlimited, you just have to find where it comes or where will it come, don't stop your fire burning, never stop the feeding!

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