March 06, 2015


A headband, favorite tie, lucky shoes, lucky shirt, bracelet, cool glass, lucky underwear or whatever it is that makes you feel invincible wear it, wear it on the day that you have a very important meeting, interview or any significant event that may change your life.

I am not a believer of luck but if something can make you feel confident and invincible, it will surely give you an advantage. Look at those NBA players who can't play if they are not wearing their favorite socks, headband or wristbands, they are not superstitious but those things make them feel great so that's why they always wear it. I always wear my reading glasses during public speaking because it made me feel smarter and look more professional, the results are great and since then I always wear it whenever I speak at public.

Confidence is the key on any challenges, the more confident you are the more likely you are to win. So if having a tattoo will make you feel braver and tougher then don't hesitate to have one, just make sure that you will not regret it having attached to your body. Everyone of us needs a source of strength to overcome the challenges of life, anything that will give us advantage must be use and must be proudly worn.

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