March 07, 2015


Is there an assembled bike or customized car that is already beautiful from the start of assembly? When you first write your essay, are your words already in proper structure? Is there a rebuilding sports team that did not experience any chemistry problems form the first day of practice? 

When your are practicing something, lets say a skill like drawing, is your first drawing flawless and perfect? I bet nothing is beautiful at the beginning, even a very skilled tattoo artist turns his customer's body into a mess on his first gig. Ugliness appears at the beginning and beauty shows itself at the end. It is normal if what you are doing is not showing results that you want because you do not have the right skills yet to make it beautiful. Once you put the effort, practice everyday and make a commitment to improve then you will see beauty at the end. It is like learning to play an instrument, all the sounds that you hear at the beginning is ugly because you do not have the necessary skills yet to produce a pleasant sound, you don't know any notes, you don not have the perfect timing and your pacing is terrible. But when you make a consistent effort to practice everyday, embrace the ugliness of your sound and find a way to make it better then little by little you will see an improvement, you will learn what is needed and what are the proper techniques to produce high quality sound.

If we cannot endure the ugliness in life and find ways to make it better then it will remain ugly. The only things that are beautiful in this world are the finish products, the product of consistent effort, countless hours of hardwork and dedication. So no matter how ugly your situation is, you can make it better as long as your committed to improvement.

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