March 14, 2015


Not everyone takes feedback as a constructive criticism, they say feedback is good and I think it is good if its aim is to make the one who gets the feedback better. Sometimes people makes feedback just to put someone down or to make someone feel bad. In my own personal opinion it still depends to the person who gets the feedback if he will feel bad or take it as challenge. Sometimes feedbacks stick to our head so long and we wonder if it is right or wrong, sometimes it serves as an element to decrease our confidence if the feedback is so bad.

If we take the feedback seriously it will change our belief and it will change the way we behave everyday, it takes away the sense of being ourselves. My advice is to not listen to anyone's feedback, it is their opinion and they are free to talk about anything they want. Never listen to anyone's feedback if its objective is to change you but you don't want to change, never listen to anyone's feedback if it is against with your feelings. If the  feedback makes you feel bad never listen to it, if the feedback is good never listen to it too because it will make your head grow bigger and you will become a little arrogant. Feedbacks are just opinions from people who really don't know who you are so the key here is just be yourself, just do your thing and follow what your heart says no matter what.

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