March 01, 2015


How does it feel to be wearing the latest basketball shoes? Have you experienced it? How does it feel to be wearing fancy clothes, using expensive bags and using branded cologne? Will you fell proud if you can drive a brand new car? Not just a brand new car but a branded brand new car. What if your house is not a house? but a mansion with eight bedrooms and a big swimming pool, better if it has a big entertainment place, a billiard table, basketball court, music room and a mini gym with complete equipment.

It really feels good if you are using things that are on top of the line, it is much better than the ordinary things and you can see your hardwork really pays off.

All the blood, sweat and tears has been rewarded. Top of the line things are what everybody wants but not all of us are brave enough to get it, some of us cannot even imagine having it. Having these gorgeous things starts from the mind, you have to be very imaginative and never let any negative thinking weaken your energy or discourage you.

All people that have these gorgeous things start their journey with imagination, they imagine what they want then they take immediate action right away. Once there is an idea that pops out from your mind you should execute right away and never hesitate. Even if you feel scared and you think you might fail, just move. Failure is a part of the process and we cannot win without failing. Just imagine the nicest things that you can have if you will take risk. Taking risks is very scary but aren't you scared more of not progressing or growing? Some people say that being materialistic is bad, it is bad if we are going to steal it. Those things are what inspire us and make us work harder.

Imagine yourself having all the best things in the world, imagine yourself working hard to get those things but do not just imagine, execute right away, never stop because you too is deserving to have the nicest things in life.

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