March 10, 2015


If it feels like you have to work forever to get that goal that you really want, you are wrong...The more you work the more you get closer to your goal, there is no such thing as forever, sometimes it is very repetitive and it feels like there is no improvement or progress but don't think it is going to be forever. All efforts will never be ignored and all efforts will be rewarded. All the pain that you endured will soon become strength, all the sweat and tears that you secrete will soon become trophies. All the misery, all the sorrow will change into triumph and celebration, you cannot be on the uglier side forever. As long as you keep on pushing, persevering and focusing your mind to success you will get there I assure you that.

Sometimes we feel that we cannot change our situation and move to the prettier side of life because suffering blinds us and it makes us give up but when we find that strength to keep on moving and immune ourselves to pain then miracles will come, the sun will shine again and the rain will not fall anymore.

There is no such thing as forever, you cannot be at the bottom for life, just do what you need to do and little by little you will experience the brighter side of life.

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