March 08, 2015


Have you ever seen a person who is really sure of what he is doing? it is amazing when you watch his movement so flawless and he feels like he controls everything, there is no fear in his eyes and when you hear him speak his voice is very clear without any sound of weakness. I have seen guys like this in the likes of president Obama, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Oprah, Will Smith and many more, all of them were successful. When these guys talk or move there is no sign of hesitation at all, they are very sure they can nail what is supposed to be nailed. It seems like they have no conscience at all, it seems like they cannot do any mistake and they already knew what is going to happen. They knew when they start something they can finish it successfully no matter how many trials will come along the way.

That is the Law of Sureness, when you are very sure about something and you know you can do what is supposed to be done then you will be successful. If you are very sure about yourself that you are qualified to do something great then you will get it. Success doesn't flirt with people who hesitates nor give them a chance. Success is attached with those people who are very sure of what are they doing because success knows that those people will never choke at hard times. The Law of Sureness is different from being cocky, people who are very sure are not cocky, they do not need to tell people that they know what to do because being sure doesn't need noise or exposure. People who are sure prepares a long time, they practice over and over again to feel confident that they can win while cocky people are just pretending that they can succeed by telling it to everyone.

If you are sure of what you want then you will get it and you will get it fast, you have no plan B nor plan C your masterplan is to execute the plan A, for example like buying a car if you don't know what brand, what color and what model of car do you like then 100 percent you won't get anything, you will get confused and maybe get overwhelmed with the prices of the cars that you are seeing but if you are sure of what car you want you will not mind the price or the consequences that may arise at the future. Another example is starting a business, if you did not make an extensive research about the business that you are building then likely you will get bankrupt very early because you are not sure what to do when something goes wrong. Being sure requires hardwork, preparation and the willingness to choose what you want.

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