March 06, 2015


The real secret to success is no secret. It has been preached everywhere, a lot of motivational stuffs on the social media, a lot of educational books, programs, they are all true. 

They have the common words such as: desire, hardwork, don't give up, try again, fire, believe, persist, dedicate, discipline, greatness, consistency and so on. All of these stuffs are true, there are no bullshits all we need to do is follow them and we will become successful. The gurus on the you tube about money, success, greatness and self improvement are all true, there are no liars there, all of their facts are proven and they already proved it by themselves. Just choose whoever you like to follow, Eric Thomas is there, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, these guys are great and they will lead you to a better life. All we need is to believe, follow their methods or even become creative by tweaking their methods to our liking. All these gurus about success just teach what they learn and experience but they cannot guarantee success for you because you will be the one who will guarantee it for yourself. We are so lucky because the secret formula to success has already been revealed, it is not a secret anymore, it has been decoded many years ago and all we need is to follow and move!

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