March 03, 2015


Another bad habit that a lazy person loves to do when he is searching for something on the internet and find an interesting article but it is very too long he will just bookmarked it and read it later. Weeks, months, years, centuries have passed but the bookmarked article was not read yet.

If you are really looking for something and found it read it immediately, no more excuses just focus on it and no more entertaining of other destructive things. You will only use bookmark to bookmark a website and not an article, if the website is very useful bookmark it and not the article. Never delay a useful information to enter your brain because you can use it lately for making money or some other important things. Make a habit that if you read an article make sure you finished it, never jump into another article without finishing the previous one. Our mind will become cluttered if we have a lot of pending information to process, once there is an available information finish it and never mind the time you have to spend because it is too long. Just be patient and absorb all the information you can absorb, do this habit every time you are looking for something and soon you will become very good researcher and learner.

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