March 13, 2015


When you always wanted to become perfect you only put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You don't want to make mistakes that is why you don't to want try different things anymore or you don't want to take big risks. Almost everyone wants perfect results that is why they ended up being disappointed in their lives. Being perfectionist is good in some ways but for me it has more disadvantages than advantages. For example you want a perfect life and you don't want any problems, there is no such thing as this kind of life so you will end up being disappointed and blaming everyone or everything for not getting the results that you want.

Another is you want a perfect partner, again there is no perfect person in this world so if you begin to notice some flaws from your partner you will immediately fall out of love and look for another person that you thought is perfect. Another good example is you want a career move but you are looking for a perfect timing, what if that perfect time didn't come? you will end up being stuck in your old job.

The key here is just make a move, never mind if the result will become perfect or not, just do what you need to do, do what is on your mind, do what is needed at the moment. If you want to become perfect do nothing, try nothing, that is the only way to become perfect.

There will always be critics around, no matter how good you are people will see flaws from you. The situation will never be perfect, all you can do is give your best, show what you got and enjoy the imperfectness of your life. And one last thing, accept that you are not perfect, accept that you are capable of making mistakes, that will take away a lot of pressure form your shoulders.

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