March 28, 2015


If a woman tells you that she loves you like a brother, tell this to her "okay but I love incest" if she laughs maybe you still have a chance.

If you got rejected when you are applying for a job and the interviewee says apply again next month, follow him, apply again next month, if you got rejected again, apply again next month or the moment there is a job opening at their company. The interviewee might get sick of your face and passes you the last time.

If you got cut out from a try out in a varsity team, try out again next year but make sure you improve, the coach sees determination in every player and not just talent, if you show him how bad you want it then maybe he will give you a slot for the varsity team.

If rejection rejects you reject it too, lets see who has the stronger will and hardest heart about accepting rejection. As the saying goes "fight fire with fire"

If the rejection was so harsh and it almost breaks your heart then reject the feelings, feel proud about accepting rejection and reject the situation that the rejection brings.

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