March 03, 2015


Regardless of how you feel you have to move!

You are not feeling well, maybe you have a little flu but the company you are working for doesn't care if you are sick or not, it only cares about the business and if you don't show up chances are you might not get promoted or even worse they will see a top candidate for termination if recession strikes again, so what will you do? Just move and show up!

You have a project but it is time for you to sleep because it is already 1 am in the morning (wow too late!) but you are not even half finish because you are busy earlier chatting with your friends at facebook. If you have to prick your nipples to stay awake and feel alive do it!

You are tired but the finish line is still far, what do you want? the prize or rest? never think, just move!

People are laughing at what you are doing, you are emotionally hurt and wanted to give up but when you give  up who do you think win? Is it them or you? Regardless of how you feel just move!

Most if us were conquered by our emotions or little pain that we feel at the moment, we tend to take our eyes off to the bigger picture and wanted to feel better, we want immediate comfort that we think will make our situation better but at the end it will only make our situation worse. It's time to go harder, being soft is not in demand in our generation today. We are not babies anymore that needed to be taken care of, a little pain will not kill us, it will harden us so regardless of how you feel, just move!

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