March 14, 2015


Lets make some different motivation this time, if telling you positive things is not working then maybe lets tweak the method a little bit. If making positive affirmations is not working for you then maybe you should put some negativity into negative things. You know in yourself what is positive and what is negative right? then why are you still doing negative things?

Ok to shorten the discussion I will go directly to my point, when I say put negativity into negative things, you should identify first what is negative into your life. If you think smoking cigarettes is negative into your life, say this to yourself "If I continue smoking, I will have a stage 12 lung cancer" or "One cigarette is equivalent to subtracting one day of my life" the stronger negativity you put into a negative thing, the stronger it will work. Here is another sample, "If I don't exercise now, I will have a heart attack later" or "If I watch TV for one straight hour and avoid the things that I must do I will become broke and I will live on streets forever"

The technique here is take this method seriously, don't make it a fun, you never know if it can happen in your real life.

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