March 20, 2015


Promise to yourself right now that no matter what you will keep on moving forward. Promise to yourself you will give your best everyday, every second, every minute. Promise to yourself you will feel no doubts, promise to yourself you will feel invincible, promise to yourself you will give everything you have to get what you want to have.

Just promise to yourself, never promise your promise to everyone, never promise to social medias, you will only lose people's trust if you fail your promise, you will lose credibility and they will tell that you are just good at words, do you like that? So just promise your promise to yourself and not to every people you know.

It is easy to promise but it is not easy to do it so to lessen the pressure never tell your promise to anyone, just do what you promise and if you are not seeing results yet just stick to your plan, never kill your promise just because nobody knows it, if you kill it you are only fooling yourself. Promise that you will do what you promise, promise that your promise is not just a promise.

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