March 19, 2015


If you already try a lot of things to turn your life around such as reading ebooks, hiring a motivational coach, joining a program, watching inspiring movies etc. and yet you still find yourself clowning around and taking your life for granted then this will be the best solution for you: PRESSURE YOURSELF!!! If positive things cannot make you move to achieve your goals then use negative thinking to make you move. Here are some best samples of negative affirmations:

1. "If I will not study now I will become very poor at the near future"
2. "If I will not stop smoking I will die today"
3. "If I will not exercise and make my body beautiful my husband will leave me and he will sleep with her secretary"
4. "If I cannot stand for myself people will always push me and they will make me a slave"
5. "If I will not do the things that I should do today I will get crazy because of stress and I will be send to mental hospital together with weak people"

Those are just my samples, you can make your own affirmations, the badder the better. If this is the only way to make you move then do it, you need to turn your life around and if you need to use negative thinking use it because sometimes negative thinking will give positive results if used in a proper way. Pressures can either break you or make you so stop clowning around, PRESSURE YOURSELF!!!

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