March 19, 2015


How many clothes do you have? if you have too much clothes in your cabinet and some of them are no longer in use, donate them! How many good friends do you have? how many bad friends?how many user friends? count them all, eliminate all that are useless in your life.

Do you have 3 cars? but one or two of them is a pain in your ass because of its monthly payment, you know what to do, stop trying to look very rich in front of people, you know in yourself if you are rich or not, return one or two cars to the bank.

What habits do you have? do you have habits that you know will do no good for you but you are still doing it? is this bad habit really beneficiary? or is it something that will just make you cool? eliminate this habit!! right now! Only keep good habits that will make your life better and will put you in the right direction.

Sometimes too much is not good for us, it will make our mind crowded, it will make our energy wobble, it will make us confuse, it is not healthy. Practicing segregation will put our mind at ease, the saying "less is more" is true because we will have a peace of mind and we will appreciate more the things that we have even though it is not too many.

I want you to eliminate all the pain in your pass, stop having so much if it is not healthy just for the sake of looking cool. Eliminate all the toxic in your life, may it be friends, things, activities, get rid of them. Retain all the things that will keep you in control, healthy and will give you peace of mind. It easier to grow of you are relaxed and at ease.

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