March 09, 2015


Thoughts are really hard to control especially if we lack the discipline to control it or we are not aware of what we are thinking, we just let our mind think of the things that comes in it. It is really true that we think what we become so if your thoughts are not in good direction you better change the way it behave. My advice is don't think too much, just think of the things that might help you or will make you feel better.

 Expose your mind only to the things that will make it think positively and will give solutions to our life. Imagine that your mind has a special filter and it will stop all the negative thoughts that wants to pass. Once you find yourself thinking about useless thoughts or negative thoughts just stop it, replace it with positive thoughts that will make your life better. Always be aware, don't let your thoughts control you, tame your mind.

Occupy your mind with only thoughts that you want to happen, this is one way of making your life simpler and easier. Sometimes we love to do a lot of things it is ok but if you feel that it is not healthy to your mind then begin crossing out some of the activities that are less valuable to yourself. You will feel if your mind is very confused and cannot process a lot of information because it is focus to worrying a lot of things.

BE AT THE MOMENT!!! Once you are doing something, forget about the other things that will distract you. You will finish a task faster if you will only think of finishing it. Make it a habit that your mind is only accepting information that will be helpful to you, in other words be SIMPLE, avoid complicating things that will give you a headache. For example if you wish to have a brand new house just only think of ways how to get it and never entertain thoughts that will lengthen the process of getting it. Life is very simple if we will think simple, OUR MIND IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL THINGS, FEED IT WITH THE NUTRIENTS IT NEEDED.

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