March 26, 2015


Nevermind if you cannot finish your homework because some items are difficult, just do it anyway, do what you know and come to class with something to show. If your project is not yet complete, just pass it to your professor, positive something is better than negative nothing. If you cannot answer all the items on your exam just make a lucky guess, sometimes being lucky is better than being great.

I am not preaching you mediocrity here I just want you to act and do something positive even if your work is not complete. A  lot of people got overwhelmed by the task that was assigned to them so they stop at the middle stage because they think that they cannot finish it even if they continue. Sometimes it is better to keep moving even if you think you cannot finish it, it is better to know what you can accomplish with the given time that you have rather than stopping at the middle and wondering what could have been if you keep on pressing.

I also think that there is no thing that a man cannot finish even if there is a tight deadline because magic always happen at the end. Ideas will work at the end, improvisation will come out and sometimes you will even get shocked because you didn't even know how you come up with an amazing idea in the nick of time.

The technique for beating a long and difficult task is just do what you can do, forget about the results, forget about the time remaining, just keep on moving and see how far you can go.

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