March 05, 2015


Are you trapped in a situation where you don't know what to do anymore? You keep on thinking but the situation becomes hopeless and desperation starts to come in.

The best solution for this is keep moving, movement will give you clues, just move, stop thinking, stop being afraid, stop worrying just move and you will start to build momentum, you will start to feel better, answers will come out one by one and suddenly your situation will change.

There is a magic behind moving because your surrounding will also move as you move. Remember the days of your college when you are solving a problem in math, when you keep on thinking but never write the solution on the piece of paper then the solution will not come out, but when you keep on writing and writing then suddenly something will pop out from your mind right? When you keep on pushing forward some numbers and equation will come out from nowhere and you will finish with an answer even if you don't know if your answer is correct. Well at least you have something, as the saying goes "positive something is better than negative nothing".

Another scenario is if you are lost in an unfamiliar road, at first you are worried because you might ran out of gas or you may not find the way back home but you keep on driving and driving until you see signs that will lead you to the right way, then you drive and drive again and at last you are on the right way again. It really amazes me that we can do anything even if we don't know it for as long as we keep moving because answers will reveal itself as we move along.

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