March 02, 2015


If you are trying to seek for an advice on how to achieve a certain goal or just need some tips on how to do something, make sure you are going to the right person. 

Our world today is full of frauds and wannabes that will put you into wrong direction if you follow them. Did you ever experienced when you are talking about your dreams and plans then suddenly one guy will engage into a conversation and tell you that he is doing the same thing as you do?, he will even tell the nicest things about himself, how successful he was and will give you a lot of tips that you don't even know if is true or not, the worse part here is this guy will put you down and demoralize your feelings. This is a type of guy that is fraud, his goal is to just look good in front of people and feel good about himself that he is better than you, this guy is very annoying and my advice is when he is talking stop asking him questions or walk away from the conversation.

If you are seeking for some advice look for people who already done it, someone who is credible and is really serious in pursuing goals the same as you. Look for someone who is consistent, positive and will raise your spirit the moment you talk with him. I've noticed that most people who are successful are quiet, humble and never talks about his achievements because they are already very used to it and it is very normal in their lives. Successful people when are in conversation never talks about their properties or their achievements, they only talk about it when asked, they just let their success show itself naturally.

So never listen to people who are just good at talking and doesn't have the tools to prove their words, listen to those who are proven, those who have numerous achievements because they are the ones who will give you quality advice and tips that will help you to achieve your goals faster, they are the ones who will motivate you and make you believe that you too can become successful.

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