March 07, 2015


"Life is short" this is a term for people that has a lot of regrets in their lives and wish that they could live longer so they can still do what they want to do. Life is not short, analyze your life carefully, what are you doing everyday? you see you have 9 long hours of working from Monday to Friday and even Saturday and you feel like it will never end right? You are watching television for 4 hours a day and you never missed your favorite TV show right? You spend at least 3 hours or more a day using your social media accounts and studying the lives of others, the worse is you even visit useless sites that will only pollute your mind.

If you compute all of your wasted hours since you were young it will be equivalent to thousands of hours then how come you will complain that life is so short? It is short if you let it fly without using it wisely, it is short if it has no memories worth to remember, it is short if you did not try your best to live the life what you want, it is short if you did not say "I Love You" to your loved ones, it is short if you are full of regrets.

Life is short if we want more of it when we are about to die, life is short if we did not fulfill what we are supposed to do and follow our passion. 

Life is long when you travel a very very long journey just to achieve your goals. Life is long if you did not prioritize sleeping and resting instead you do more and experience more. Life is long if you feel you already need to rest and you have nothing more to give because you've given your all already. Life is long if you take the path less traveled and you did not took shortcuts in life. Life is long if you take care of your life and you live a life that cannot be forgotten. 

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