March 12, 2015


What do you need right now? You need money? So what do you need to get money? You need a job? So what do you need to get a job? and so on and on. Just know what you need the most at the moment and when you figured it out know what is your next need. People often got confused on what they need because they think too much and they think about how many needs they need to have or do, the need to pay the bills, the need to get slim, the need to get rich, the need to do household chores, the need to have the latest gadget etc. Just feel what you needed the most in order to have a more balance life.

If you need to get a job find what is needed to get the job, of course you need the necessary skills to have the job that you want, if you don't have that skills yet find out how can you have that skills, it is either you learn it by watching or you learn it by doing. You need to satisfy each need first in order to have that main need. Knowing what you need the most and finding ways how to get that need will put your life in proper order. Having too much needs and not knowing what is needed to satisfy those needs will make your life confused and out of direction.

It is better if you can trim down your needs and just try to have what is really needed. If you need a lot to get what you need then it will take more time to have that need. Try to simplify your life, don't overthink and feel that you need to have this or that in order to have what is really needed. For example one day you feel the need to get slim so the most effective way is to exercise but because you think too much you feel you need to have a new shoes for training, you feel you need to have a new bike, you feel you need to have a treadmill, you feel you need to have a coach and any other things that will make it harder to achieve what is really needed.

Sometimes having a lot of needs not only make the main need hard to attained but it also serves as an excuse to not execute the main need. People has a lot of needs that is why they cannot be happy and be satisfied in their lives. Sometimes they do not even know what it is that they really need so they look for a need that they do not need.

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