March 19, 2015


Well, there are really no hard things in life if we wanted to do it. Is it hard because we look at it as hard and not easy. It is hard because we are not enjoying it. Look how some people work for more than 8 hours a day without tiring, look at those athletes, look at those marketing freaks. It seems like everything they do is very easy, it is because they wanna do it, it looks easy because they have a great rhythm going on.

Is washing 15 pieces of plates hard? does it take an hour to do it? then why is it that your butt feel so heavy while doing it? It is because you don't wanna do it, who wants to wash the dishes anyway? But if you will travel for a vacation and you need to travel for 8 hours which is the harder thing to do seems like so easy, it is because you wanted to do it. Life is a matter of perspective, a single task even if it is hard in reality will be easy if we can enjoy it.

If it is really feels hard for you to do something, you can find another way how to do it to make it easy. For example you need to exercise in a treadmill and you set a goal of 30 mins to do it, it is boring to run 30 mins straight right? You can listen to a music while running so that your mind will be entertained and shifts its focus. You can even run 10 mins first then rest then run 10 mins again and so on. You can even watch television while doing it, there are lots of ways how to make a boring task fun it is up to you to find ways how to do it, you can even reward yourself something that you want if you finish a task. For example you can eat your favorite cake after running a treadmill, don't worry about gaining fat because tomorrow you will run again. They key here is building a habit of doing what is needed and having fun while doing it, it doesn't matter how you do it, the important thing is you enjoy while doing it.

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