March 22, 2015


If you are moving you are already successful but the movement must be towards your goals and not to anything else. I assure you that if you keep on moving towards your goals you are on the right path and it is just a matter of time before you reach your destination. Don't be afraid if you don't know what is the next step just keep on moving and the answers will reveal itself along the way.

The only question is how fast can you be successful of course that depends on how fast you move but don't rush things you are not on the race. Just be consistent everyday, do every single step may it be little or big that will help you achieve your goals. Be relentless push yourself, rest if you must but don't take a very long break.

Just enjoy the movement, stay focus because everytime you move, that brings you one step closer to your goals. Take adjustments if results aren't showing up but never change your goal. Be happy if you create a progress even if it is the tiniest progress for your goals. Never think about failing because you will only fail if you will stop. Forget about how long will it take you to accomplish your goals because you will never know when you will get it, you can get it today or tomorrow, next week or next year but you can't get it if you will stop.

You will get frustrated sometimes but that is normal, you will get depressed, you will get unmotivated but it is your duty to motivate yourself. Always stay hungry, never be satisfied for the little success that you taste along the way.

Guard yourself and always be conscious if you are still moving, if you are not then move. If you are moving you are already successful, its is just a matter of time when you will get there.

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