March 23, 2015


Admit it, you will you will not thrive in this world if you will not have the guts to take the risk. This is the world who loves fearless people, this is the world who ignores shy individuals. Have you ever been in a game where it is crucial and there must be the one who must take the last shot? See the people around you they were all afraid to take the last shot right? Did you ever take the chance to at least try and take a last shot in your life? Or Did you ever got lucky one time and accidentally you made the last shot? If you ever, it feels good right?

I wonder why people are so afraid to take the risk if it is the only thing that will make them shine, Are they afraid of falling? or are they afraid of shining? Listen to me closely what will give you more regrets? Is it falling but trying or being neutral and not taking your chances? Remember Lebron James when he hasn't got his two rings yet, he was always criticized for not taking the last shot, he passes it to his teammates instead. Maybe he don't want to take the blame that is why he didn't get a championship in cleveland, but when he was in Miami he is already taking charge, he is getting the ball into his hands when the dying seconds is coming in that is why he won 2 championships.

If you aren't willing to take the blame and aren't willing to fail then your life will still remain, you will not get the blame but you will not also get the rewards of taking the big risks, remember the BIGGER THE RISK, THE BIGGER THE REWARDS.

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