March 17, 2015


My brother wants to order a breadstick in a food chain but he don't know if they serve it separately so he hesitates to ask because he is shy and he thought that he might get embarrassed, I told him that just order and don't ask, after ordering he was surprised that he get what he wants effortlessly.

You are looking for a job, you suddenly enter a building for whatever reason, maybe you feel something in there, don't ask if they have an opening, just pass your resume, if they don't have an opening just go, if they have then be happy.

If you are courting a girl and you want to ask her to go for a date with you but you are too afraid that you might get rejected, don't ask her just call her and tell her this "let's watch movie tonight, I will treat you and we will have some fun" This might work or not but 90 percent it will work you know why? because you leave her no choice but to go with you and girls love confident guys so you already impresses her.

Sometimes we people are afraid to ask about something because we think that people will think of us as ignorant, the solution to this is don't ask, just tell what is your objective so you won't feel any fear. Going directly to something will take away your fears and you will find immediate results.

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