March 02, 2015


If you don't like the company of friends that you have right now because they are not making you feel great or they cannot appreciate your worth then walk away, find another set of friends or let the better friends come to you. 

If you don't love the company that you are working for because they provide you small salary and they are not concern about giving increase, pack your things now and make a resignation paper. If your coach in whatever sports you are playing is not giving you enough playing time but you feel like you deserve more, talk to your coach or the management, if they are not willing to make changes ask for a trade. If you don't like the deal that was offered to you in a business, you know what to do, find another transaction and walk away.

Abusive people loves to abuse people who are willing to be abused. If you cannot stand for what you believe is right then you will end up to the situations that you did not choose. Just feel confident that if you turn down something valuable to you there are still better things in exchange. Walking away from something is not being scared, it is valuing your options and using your choices wisely. It doesn't matter if you walk away form your closest friends or a company that you worked for 20 years, the important thing here is you know in yourself that you can find a better replacement for them. Trust me if you said you will leave they will think for a while or might treat you better but if they did not change, it's their lost not yours.

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