March 08, 2015


Go for it directly whatever it is that you want, no second thoughts, no hesitations, no doubts, no fears. Just go for it. If you want to ask a girl for a date, don't text her, tell it in front of her face but be sure you are relax when doing it, women loves confident men, if you try to over analyze and keep thinking on what to say, what to wear and when is the right time to do it then you will become more nervous, fear is growing stronger the moment we tend to delay something. If you tell it to her directly she might even admire your bravery and manliness, don't be conscious on what words to say because you will find words to say as you talk to her, but again the secret to this is approach her with a relax state of mind.

If you want to ask a raise from your boss then approach him immediately. Never use emails, texts or asking for a dinner. Just step into his office, talk to him with authority and tell him why you deserve an increase, if you feel that you are really deserving then don't stop yourself from doing it. You know to yourself when you are deserving or not so stop fooling yourself that you need an increase just because you work for years in the company.

If you don't feel the way you are treated by someone then tell him, even if it is in front of people never be afraid to do it but be sure to tell it with confidence, use a loud voice but never use impolite words. Never be afraid of conflicts because bigger conflicts will arise once you stop yourself from doing what you wanted to do. That guy will get shocked and he will know that he offends you so he will be careful the next time you meet him.

Going for something directly will not only give you fast confidence but it will also give you immediate results. If you got rejected then don't feel bad at least you know the answer and you can adjust immediately and look for different options. Just remember once we delay something, fear will grow bigger and bigger.

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