March 13, 2015


You don't know the rules anymore, the only thing in your mind is your goal. You don't care if you have people on your back, all you know is you got to have that one thing that you really want. You don't care if your wounded or bleeding, you embrace the pain and take the necessary steps. You feel invincible, you use all the tools and means that you have.

You don't care about what people say, you don't care how you look, there is always a sense of urgency and you know that you can die anytime so you don't waste a single second. Inch by inch you become closer to your goal and every time you get closer the risk becomes bigger, so what if it becomes bigger, the more it becomes difficult the more you are challenged.

You give everything you have, you hurt people without intention but that's the way it is. You can never rise if all the people loves you, there will be haters, there will be abusers. You are very single minded, sometimes your plan doesn't succeed but you don't have a plan B, all you know is you have to succeed. You live by your rules, you live by your standards, you don't let anyone have the power to control you, you have a gangster mindset and your life is devoted to your goal.

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