March 09, 2015


Some people were not taking full accountability of their lives because they know they have their MAMAs and PAPAs or brothers/sisters/relatives that will support them no matter what. Some people were lucky enough and doesn't even need to work anymore because they were very rich and they have enough until they get old and grey. Some people just rely on help or donations and accept their lives as it is. WOW! if you are one of them be scared now, do you think those lifelines will be forever accessible? do you think you will live forever living your life like a king? sorry if I am getting harsh but I've seen a lot of people who just rely on the hands of somebody, they will just wait for the help and they will feel bad if the help didn't come. I can't believe that there are still people today who are very lazy to get their assess beat out and find the food of their own.

Maybe they believe that the help or assistance that they are getting at the moment will stay forever and they do not have to worry anymore. There are no permanent things in this world, I know a lot of people who just purely relies on assistance, they are so lazy, they feel lucky and they even have the guts to be proud. One day their source of income  has disappeared for whatever reasons and they have a very hard time trying to adjust. They believe that that the people who were supporting them will be forever there and will not leave them so they did not learn how to make money on their own. The result is their lives become miserable and they blame the people who supports them before for not taking care of them anymore.

If you are one of these people who feels very lucky because you have lifelines you better think now. Someday those people who supports you will get tired and will not support you anymore. Assistance is not forever and it only exists on a short period of time. You have to start learning how to earn now before it is too late. Act now before the situation gets worse, cut your lifelines now because it will only make you weak, lazy and dependent. Stop being a leech, stop being a pain in the ass to someone else's life. Show to your family that you are strong, show them that you can stand on your own feet. You don't need someone else's help you only need to help yourself.

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