March 05, 2015


Find what is the right pace for you, if you are slow don't get frustrated if you wanted to become faster, your pace will change if you keep on doing what you want to improve everyday. For example in running, if you are just a beginner don't get jealous if there are lot of runners who are 100 times faster than you, they are also slow when they were just a beginner. It is ok to push yourself but make the right push not the push that can hurt yourself so bad. Finding your pace will make you more determined to work harder because you know you can do the task that is required but once you get comfortable to your current pace it is time to go to the next level, go to another pace that is faster, harder and will make you a little uncomfortable.

Again master that pace, don't rush things, just focus on what you can do and if it is time for you to go to another level, your body will tell it, once your body becomes bored on a certain routine it will look for another challenging drills until it become stronger and stronger.

Never get overwhelmed if you see someone who is better than you, they are really not better than you, they only have longer hours of training or they begin earlier than you. 

My simple advice is if you love your current pace just stay there because you are enjoying it and it will become easier for you to work everyday. If you want to change your pace then prepare yourself to become a little uncomfortable, it is like studying another lesson our brains don't know the topic same as the muscle it also doesn't know what is the kind of work needed to go to another level but eventually it will know later. If you don't want your pace to level down then never miss a workout or a routine that you do everyday, taking care of your pace is just a matter of habit, we do what we do then we stay on that pace.

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