March 05, 2015


Accept the reality, not all people will like you whether you like it or not. If a place where you are at now is not giving you the treatment that you deserve or the opportunity that you are waiting find another place where you can shine. If you are in a team where your coach is benching you for the whole game find another team that will trust you more, stop accepting that you are not good enough to play. If you are in a school where your talents cannot be appreciate and people around you cannot accept who you are transfer to another school start all over again and do better this time. If you are in a company where hardwork is not being noticed and leeches are the ones that thrive, file your resignation right away and look for another company where your hardwork will be rewarded.

There is always a place where you belong you'll just have to find it. You can find a place where you can shine and all of your skills and talents will be appreciated, you can find a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself. There is no need to stick in a place where you cannot stomach the treatment and the people around you. You have the choice, you can stay where you are and be small for your whole life or you can find a place where you fit in and be the best that you can ever be.

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