March 18, 2015


I am sorry I have a little headache I cannot go to school now
I am late it is traffic, sorry boss
Sorry I forgot it because I am so busy this weekend
Not now I am having a bad day
Oh it is raining lets just jog tomorrow
We lost because the referee sucks
My shoes don't fit I cannot run smoothly
I am so tired that is why I wasn't able to perform well

Ok those are just some of the lousy excuses we use everyday. Maybe we are just fooling ourselves and the people around us but is there any excuse that will improve the situation? Is there any excuse that can improve your life? Does an excuse can make a difference? Ok you got away with a one day workout because you told yourself you are not feeling well BUT... who is the one who will suffer the consequences? who is the one who did not get stronger? who is the one who is left behind? who is the one who did not level up? and who is the one who misses everything?

I know you already prepared the excuse that you will use a minute, an hour or a day before you use it. You already knew what to tell the moment you screwed up. Preparing an excuse means preparing to fail. Lets say your teacher excuse you because she believed that you accidentally forgot to breath for 20 seconds that is why you couldn't come to class yesterday, are the quizzes you missed gonna excuses you? are the lectures that you've missed gonna teach you? NO!!! You've missed everything! You've missed the moment that you've made the excuses for. Just remember this: EXCUSES WILL NEVER EXCUSE YOU, YOU ARE JUST FOOLING YOURSELF!

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