March 07, 2015


If  the washing soap ran out you can still use a laundry soap for washing the dishes. If your favorite food cannot be serve for any reason you can still order another food that you like. If your favorite shirt is dirty you can still wear your second favorite shirt. If a job opening rejects you, you can still look for another job opening. If Coke is unavailable you can order Pepsi if you like. If the plate number of your car is restricted for color coding, use public vehicle instead. If the shampoo is already empty use the regular soap instead, it is better to use it rather than your hair stinks. If you cannot afford a host for your website, use a free blogging platform, it is still up to you how to make your niche nice and interesting.

If you have no treadmill just walk. If your shoes is very old and asking for retirement just use slippers. If you have no money to watch the concert just watch it on the television. If you cannot afford to watch the latest movie in a movie theater and you want to know the story badly just look for a friend who already watched the movie and ask him what happened.

Never let the lack of something ruin your day or stop you from enjoying your life, everything has an
alternative we just have to learn how to enjoy that alternative and make the best of it. We should change our perspective and stop focusing on what we lack instead focus on the things that can replace that "lack of something". Just appreciate what you have and if you can find a way on how to make your things or situation better then it is better. Learning how to appreciate the things that you have will remind yourself how bless you are. You already have enough you will just have to learn how to appreciate it.

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