March 13, 2015


Yeah it is fun to watch some kind of a baseball game, hockey game, basketball or a football game especially when you are lying on your couch with a beer and pizza. Who in the world would not love to do that? especially when your favorite team is winning and you are telling your friends how great your favorite player was.

I am also doing it, I am watching my favorite player Dwyane Wade dunking on some 7 footers and hitting some crucial shots. BUT... the big but is here again, don't just watch the sports you love you must do it too. When you spend a lot of time just watching the sport that you love then one day you will become obese, I am right, watching it on your favorite couch with some beers and unhealthy snacks will make your belly fat. The worse thing here is you if your team lose you also feel bad, you will even argue with the bad calls that the referees made and involve yourself in thousands of comments in facebook why your team lose.

It is better to also do the sports you love so you will know what is the feeling of being a star, be good at it, strive to be the best. Don't just watch, be the person to be watch. It doesn't matter how old you are, just do the sport that you love so your life will be healthier and all of the snacks that you eat while watching it will gte burned. Who knows when you become so good at it one day you will become a real star, just take your chances and enjoy it.

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