March 07, 2015


How many times does these doctors fail about telling us what is the limit of our body and what is the only thing we should do?

I've know a woman who was told that her life will only last for two months but she survived for 5 years, it is true because she was the mother of my friend. When I was diagnosed with Degenerative Osteoarthropathy the doctor told me to stop playing basketball or I should go into her rehab if I still want to play, I did not believe her, I just took care of my body, have enough rest, eat healthy foods and look at me now I can still play at the highest level at the age of 30. I am still schooling these young bloods and making them look like kids.

I am not telling you that you should not believe doctors, yeah they are right because they have scientific evidences that they are right but what they cannot measure is your belief. Belief can make miracles and your belief will be your last source of strength to overcome the biggest challenge that you are facing right now. If a doctor tells you that you will just live for a week, is believing him will help you?Not at all, if you believe in him then you will worry, you will get depressed and your immune system will fail and then you will die. But if you believe that he is wrong then you will start to find solutions, you will look for answers, you will pray, you will never give up and day by day you are surviving, you are getting stronger everyday and you will live longer.

That is what belief does, it is believing that despite of pain you can still live and do what you want. So the next time a doctor tells you that you can't play anymore or you can't live anymore because of your condition, stop believing in him, believe in yourself that you are the one who is in charge of your life and you will be the one who will decide if you will continue or not. It is your life anyway, any doctor doesn't know how you feel or how you think, life is yours live it your way!

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