March 04, 2015


Most of us were easily get caught by trends that we think are working very well. When we see someone earning big money from a particular pyramiding scam or something we immediately follow their steps then end up failing or disappointed. 

If we see someone from our family doing well with his job then we will also do his job and encourage everyone to do the same thing too. It is very sad because we are not following our passion and not doing the things that will give our lives more meaningful. We can only be happy if we follow what our heart tells us to do and never listen to anyone's ideas just because they do good at something.

I think the reason for getting caught up by trends is we want security and we don't want to fail, we rather be living in someone else's dream rather than living ours. It is time for you to stand up and do whatever it is that you want to do in life. If you want to be an actor so be it, if you want to be a businessman so be it. Don't be afraid that you will ran out of money or you cannot be successful. Success is guaranteed f you guarantee hard work and dedication first. Just because everyone becomes a nurse and they earn good money at it doesn't mean you have to follow them too. Just because a everybody is working abroad and they make a good living doesn't mean you have to leave your family too. Just because someone fails at something but you also like what he's doing doesn't mean you will not try it too.

Just do what you love to do, don't follow the crowd because it is too crowded there. Make your own path, travel the path less traveled. Decide for yourself, don't be easily get influenced by others, they want to influenced you so they have a companion for what they are doing, they want to prove that they are right and you must follow them too. We only have one life so don't waste it living for someone else's dream.

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