March 08, 2015


Ever wonder why you are not yet getting slim right now after following the program that you bought recently somewhere at the internet? Ever wonder why your muscles are not yet growing after following some advice of a well known "guru"? Ever wonder why your life is not yet changing after doing some hypnosis, self improvement or self development techniques?

The answer is very simple, the program you are using is not working for you, it may work for other people but not for everyone. You see each one of us has his own unique body mechanism and body structure so not all popular programs will work for everyone. Never get caught by those hypnotic advertisements that guaranteed you will lose 30 lbs in one week. Never get fooled by those high tech apparatus that promises you will have 12 pack abs. They use sexy bodies to elude you and not to help you, I am not saying that all of those products were fake, I am just saying that you will still be the one who will help yourself.

Some of those programs were really working, most of them but the question is... is it working for you? If it is not working for you there are only three reasons behind that:

1. The product doesn't really work
2. You are not working hard enough
3. The program is not compatible to your body or to your liking

My advice is work hard and use the program very well, if the program that you bought is not making any results after using it for 30 days straight for at least 30 mins a day then maybe the program is a fraud or it is not compatible to your body. The program that you bought will also not work if you don't love it and you feel very lazy while doing or using it.

The best way to avoid wasting money is create your own program. Yeah you heard me right, CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAM, you own your body so you must know what is the best for it. For once in your life stop listening to these "GURUS", stop buying over priced products that promises you impossible results. If you don't have any exercise machine on your home it is ok. I have created my own program that is producing me incredible results and I love doing it everyday so I never skipped a session, here is how it looks to give you an idea:

1. 30 mins treadmill (you can replace it with jumping rope, jogging or steady running at home if you don't have a treadmill)
2. 200 situps
3. 50 burpees
4. 50 reps of dumbbell (no required wt., any kind of lifting exercise that will contract your muscles will do)
4. 50 squat jumps
5. A little bit of diet (don't eat when you're not hungry)

That's it, very easy and fun to do, the secret for your program to be effective is find the exercises/drills/routines that you love to do and do it 4-6 times a week, never engage in an exercise that will make you feel lazy and boring in the long run. You can make an easy program at first then if you get bored because your body is no longer feeling the challenge try to create a more difficult program that you will enjoy doing everyday. Hardwork and dedication are the most needed if you want to have a nice body, you don't need to buy shits that will make you fatter and your wallet thinner.

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