March 30, 2015


How many times you complaint against the economic crisis? How many times you complaint about the corrupt government officials that is not taking care of you nor granting your demands? How many times you complaint against your status in life?, telling everyone that life is unfair and you are poor because you are not blessed or given a chance to succeed. How many times you complaint against traffic? your neighbors? your office mates? Are you not getting tired of your lifestyle? can't you get it, the more you complaint the more problems you get. Instead of complaining why don't you focus all your energies into doing something or looking for solutions. The time you've wasted for complaining and whining if you only convert it to making solutions and focusing your life to become better, what do you think will be the result? I bet you will never complain in your life again.

Those people who complains too much will never stop complaining for the rest of their lives because all they see are problems, here is a big example: An unemployed person complains too much because government is not taking necessary actions to provide jobs for unemployed people, lets say that a good public official hears his crying antics and give him a job, do you think he will never complain again? of course not, once he was employed, he will now complain about the low salary, the increasing prices of foods, the instability of the job, the unfair treatment of the manager. I can prove that this is true because I know a lot of people like this and I don't want to mention them because they will not agree, complainers never lose any arguments, they always thought that they are the ones who were right, they always thought that they were treated unfairly and the government leave them behind. What these kinds of people lack is self reliance, they will not act until someone act for them, if they feel that there is something wrong they will immediately shout out their demands and never try any possibility to change their situation. Never associate yourself to people like these because it is easy to become one of them, their negativity is so contagious and you will easily adapt their attitude if you will not stay away from them. I am so lucky because I am one of them before but I get tired of complaining and I realized that there is no one who can help me other than me

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