March 07, 2015


Become excited about your growth, become excited at how great you can be, never get excited about the plan of others, support them but don't get too attached about their lives. I don't know why a lot of us are too excited to learn about the lives of others, everyone is excited where Lebron James will go, everyone is excited about what is the next song that Rihanna will sing, everyone is excited about who will be the number one draft pick in the NFL, everyone is excited about who will win the best actor in Grammy. Everyone is excited about the newest winner in a particular reality show.

Why don't you become excited abut yourself?, be excited at how much money will you earn this year, be excited about how far can you go if you give everything you've got, be excited about what new skill are you going to learn, be excited about the places where you can go. There are too many things to get excited about, stop wasting your excitement for others, it is your feelings don't direct your feelings to anyone who doesn't know you and didn't even care about you. Your emotions are precious and it can be a big part of your success if you use it in the right direction. Excitement makes us move, excitement fuels our passion, if you get excited about something that is related to your goal do it, never postpone excitement because it may past away and never come back again. Find things that excites you and make sure those things will make you grow as a person, make sure those things that excites you are beneficiary and will help you in the long run.

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