March 22, 2015


Be a sponge that can absorb anything that was feed into it. If your teacher is feeding you important information and lessons absorb it, treat each lesson as a water that can be easily absorbed by a sponge. If life is throwing you a big challenge just absorb it, don't back down on it and soon it will be over. If life is giving you a lot of blessings don't be shy to take all of them, never let a single opportunity pass, absorb every blessings. If people is not treating your right, have the sponge mentality, they can squeeze you but you will retain your original form.

Life is easy if you can teach yourself how to absorb anything and accept anything as it is, you will never get rotten, your self belief will never wobble no matter what happen to you or what adversity are you facing.

Absorb everything that was thrown to you without getting affected, be like sponge, life can squeeze you bit it can never destroy you.

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