March 17, 2015


Just make decisions, never ask if what will be the result of your decision. Be a decision maker not an asker! If you ask questions then the decision will be in pending. If you decide now the answers will be given.

Decide that you will get your goal no matter what, stop asking how to get it.
Decide that you will shred your fats no matter what, stop asking what exercises need to be done, stop asking what foods to eat, it is your know the amount of pain it can hold to get there.
Decide that you will be a better person no matter what, stop asking people if you are doing good, they too don't know what is good enough.
Decide that you will take the next step no matter what, stop asking people if what you are doing is right! Right or wrong it is your life, it is none of their business.

Only ask questions if needed, if there is a little idea you know in yourself has a chance of succeeding then just execute it. Let your mistakes give you an answer, stop asking start doing!

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