March 23, 2015


"I am not stronger than you, but if you hurt me I will fight back, I may not win but I am very sure I can hurt you too", say this loud to a bully especially when there are lots of people listening around you, this way people can interfere when the fight happens. Bullies are are afraid when they saw someone fighting back especially when people saw it, bullies love power and dominance, they only bully people who are not fighting back. I know this because I've been a bully before and I am not proud of it, I am not encouraging you to instigate a fight that is why I told you to do it in front of people so the bully may hesitate to hurt you. After you said this praise to a bully, he already knew that you are not afraid and he may hesitate to bully you again.

I've heard a lot of solutions to bullying, a lot of help but sometimes these craps aren't working. I've been a bully before so I know the solution is to let the bully feel that you are not afraid, let him feel that you can stand on your own and you will never back down, again if you can avoid fight then do it, the answer to a bully is not asking for help, the answer to a bully is to help yourself, it is scary especially when the bully has a lot of companions but the questions is are you going to allow yourself to get bullied forever? the bully has already hurt you a thousand times before, you are already immune to his acts, go and defend yourself!

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