March 03, 2015


All your life you've been afraid to make mistakes, why not commit a thousand now?
All your life you've been following others, why not make them follow you?
All your life you've been studying the lives of popular people, watching their moves, learning their lifestyle, why not study your life and learn how to make it great.
All your life you listen to what other people say, sometimes their words hurt you, why not make a stand now and pretend that you are deaf.
All your life you've been watching T.V and eating pizza on your favorite couch, why not try to be the one who is on the T.V show?
All your life you go soft and you always choose the easiest way, why not go hard now and take the path less traveled?
All your life you settle for less, why not aim for something big? something that is larger than life

All your life you didn't believe in yourself instead you believe in your fears, why not believe in yourself now and make fear fear you?

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