March 04, 2015


If anything goes wrong and you didn't like the results never blame anybody, it is a sign of weakness. 

We are all responsible for whatever results we have in life, it is ok to take the blame, avoid pointing of fingers. We have to accept what is our weakness so that we can improve it and strengthen it, we have to admit our fault.

Just like me, I am on a slump right now and I cannot blame anybody but me, I am the one who is responsible for my life, economy has nothing do with the situation of my life, this week I am earning a little and I honestly accept my fault, I am just a human, we are all just humans who make mistakes. There is nothing wrong for being wrong, at least I still have confidence, I am not like other people who will make excuses for coming up short. I know I can still achieve my goals, I will just have to work harder and harder and practice solid discipline. Once again, admit your mistakes, admit your weaknesses and improve it.

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