March 31, 2015


When we see a very large task we get overwhelmed why? isn't it doable? or are we just making an excuse to avoid doing the task? When we see a larger opponent we get scared why? Are larger opponents unbeatable? Does size really matter? Is size a perfect excuse to keep us from giving our best? I don't think so, if size does matter then why did David killed Goliath? How can Robert Rodriguez (a friend of mine) finish reading a 1000 page book in just 2 days.

We just got overwhelmed by size because we don't want to move and do our best to finish a big task. If we saw how much work is needed to finish a task then we immediately tell ourselves that it is impossible. You see the bigger the challenge/opponent the bigger the rewards. If task is really making you overwhelmed and it is avoiding you to move, dissect it, cut it into smaller pieces. If your opponent is so big, find his weaknesses and spoil it, every person has his own weaknesses and you can take advantage of it.

If the situation is too big just take small steps and that big situation will become smaller and smaller as you progress, never take size as an excuse to stop moving, just keep on plodding, there is no such thing that is bigger than you. There is no challenge that is big enough to make you quit. Size is just a perspective, you can look at it in a different way.

March 30, 2015


How many times you complaint against the economic crisis? How many times you complaint about the corrupt government officials that is not taking care of you nor granting your demands? How many times you complaint against your status in life?, telling everyone that life is unfair and you are poor because you are not blessed or given a chance to succeed. How many times you complaint against traffic? your neighbors? your office mates? Are you not getting tired of your lifestyle? can't you get it, the more you complaint the more problems you get. Instead of complaining why don't you focus all your energies into doing something or looking for solutions. The time you've wasted for complaining and whining if you only convert it to making solutions and focusing your life to become better, what do you think will be the result? I bet you will never complain in your life again.

Those people who complains too much will never stop complaining for the rest of their lives because all they see are problems, here is a big example: An unemployed person complains too much because government is not taking necessary actions to provide jobs for unemployed people, lets say that a good public official hears his crying antics and give him a job, do you think he will never complain again? of course not, once he was employed, he will now complain about the low salary, the increasing prices of foods, the instability of the job, the unfair treatment of the manager. I can prove that this is true because I know a lot of people like this and I don't want to mention them because they will not agree, complainers never lose any arguments, they always thought that they are the ones who were right, they always thought that they were treated unfairly and the government leave them behind. What these kinds of people lack is self reliance, they will not act until someone act for them, if they feel that there is something wrong they will immediately shout out their demands and never try any possibility to change their situation. Never associate yourself to people like these because it is easy to become one of them, their negativity is so contagious and you will easily adapt their attitude if you will not stay away from them. I am so lucky because I am one of them before but I get tired of complaining and I realized that there is no one who can help me other than me

March 28, 2015


If a woman tells you that she loves you like a brother, tell this to her "okay but I love incest" if she laughs maybe you still have a chance.

If you got rejected when you are applying for a job and the interviewee says apply again next month, follow him, apply again next month, if you got rejected again, apply again next month or the moment there is a job opening at their company. The interviewee might get sick of your face and passes you the last time.

If you got cut out from a try out in a varsity team, try out again next year but make sure you improve, the coach sees determination in every player and not just talent, if you show him how bad you want it then maybe he will give you a slot for the varsity team.

If rejection rejects you reject it too, lets see who has the stronger will and hardest heart about accepting rejection. As the saying goes "fight fire with fire"

If the rejection was so harsh and it almost breaks your heart then reject the feelings, feel proud about accepting rejection and reject the situation that the rejection brings.

March 28, 2015


Be your own audience, if nobody wants to watch you then watch yourself, be your number one fan. If nobody is interested with what you are doing so what! Just grow, improve yourself, love yourself and appreciate all the efforts that you are putting. Never get discouraged by the critics, never break mentally for as long as you are improving everyday the number of people who like you will also grow.

Each one of us wants appreciation but the most important appreciation comes from ourselves, if we cannot appreciate ourselves then nobody will dare to appreciate us either.

Say "I love you" to yourself, love the way you dress, love the way you speak, feel great about your movement, feel blessed about your skills, feel lucky about your life.

The greatest source of confidence is self acceptance, accept who you are, be proud of what you can do. Forget whether people like you or not, be your number one fan.

March 27, 2015


What your hearts says is what is right for you, it can never be wrong. If it feels good about something and not just good but really really good then you must follow it. If you feel you can be an athlete, a popular singer or some kind of a matinee idol then you are right, just make sure your heart will never feel any doubts or fear while dreaming about that kind of person you wanted to be. If your heart has some doubts then you can't make it or you really don't want it. Your heart will tell you what to do even if you don't know what to do, it is a natural thing, it is like free flowing. If your decision or action was based on what your heart says and not on your environment then you can never go wrong and even if something goes wrong along the way, you will view it as a challenge and not a sign to go on a different direction. There will be no regrets if you follow your heart because all you will feel is love, passion and determination to keep going on.

March 26, 2015


Nevermind if you cannot finish your homework because some items are difficult, just do it anyway, do what you know and come to class with something to show. If your project is not yet complete, just pass it to your professor, positive something is better than negative nothing. If you cannot answer all the items on your exam just make a lucky guess, sometimes being lucky is better than being great.

I am not preaching you mediocrity here I just want you to act and do something positive even if your work is not complete. A  lot of people got overwhelmed by the task that was assigned to them so they stop at the middle stage because they think that they cannot finish it even if they continue. Sometimes it is better to keep moving even if you think you cannot finish it, it is better to know what you can accomplish with the given time that you have rather than stopping at the middle and wondering what could have been if you keep on pressing.

I also think that there is no thing that a man cannot finish even if there is a tight deadline because magic always happen at the end. Ideas will work at the end, improvisation will come out and sometimes you will even get shocked because you didn't even know how you come up with an amazing idea in the nick of time.

The technique for beating a long and difficult task is just do what you can do, forget about the results, forget about the time remaining, just keep on moving and see how far you can go.

March 25, 2015


I am watching UFC for almost a decade and the first time I saw it, I say "wow" this is making my adrenaline rush and the excitement is incredible, I immediately become addicted the first time I watch it on TV. There are lots of good fighters in the UFC, I love Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortis, Bj Penn but the fighter that I really like the most is not a fighter in the octagon, he is a fighter in business and a fighter in life...he is Dana White.

Dana White is the president of the UFC, I like his qualities, his work ethic and his philosophy in life. He is an epitome of what a real fighter should be. He knows the  business very well and he is very smart, he has a lot of confidence and he is very sure of what he wants. Dana is not a fighter but he has been fighting to be successful all his life, he speak what he wants and he doesn't care about what people say and he do whatever it takes to make the organization successful. He also doesn't want fighters who makes a lot of excuses, his philosophy is survival of the fittest and don't leave the decision on the hands of the judges meaning you have to earn the victory purely by yourself so what he means is either knock the opponent out or submit him.

Dana wants brave fighters and will give you big bonuses if you show your heart inside the octagon, he will also give you a chance if you show him that you really want the fight and you really want to succeed. I love Dana because he is so bold, he is a workhorse and he get what he wants, he never stop until he get his goal and for me that is the summary of what a real fighter is.

March 23, 2015


"I am not stronger than you, but if you hurt me I will fight back, I may not win but I am very sure I can hurt you too", say this loud to a bully especially when there are lots of people listening around you, this way people can interfere when the fight happens. Bullies are are afraid when they saw someone fighting back especially when people saw it, bullies love power and dominance, they only bully people who are not fighting back. I know this because I've been a bully before and I am not proud of it, I am not encouraging you to instigate a fight that is why I told you to do it in front of people so the bully may hesitate to hurt you. After you said this praise to a bully, he already knew that you are not afraid and he may hesitate to bully you again.

I've heard a lot of solutions to bullying, a lot of help but sometimes these craps aren't working. I've been a bully before so I know the solution is to let the bully feel that you are not afraid, let him feel that you can stand on your own and you will never back down, again if you can avoid fight then do it, the answer to a bully is not asking for help, the answer to a bully is to help yourself, it is scary especially when the bully has a lot of companions but the questions is are you going to allow yourself to get bullied forever? the bully has already hurt you a thousand times before, you are already immune to his acts, go and defend yourself!

March 23, 2015


Admit it, you will you will not thrive in this world if you will not have the guts to take the risk. This is the world who loves fearless people, this is the world who ignores shy individuals. Have you ever been in a game where it is crucial and there must be the one who must take the last shot? See the people around you they were all afraid to take the last shot right? Did you ever take the chance to at least try and take a last shot in your life? Or Did you ever got lucky one time and accidentally you made the last shot? If you ever, it feels good right?

I wonder why people are so afraid to take the risk if it is the only thing that will make them shine, Are they afraid of falling? or are they afraid of shining? Listen to me closely what will give you more regrets? Is it falling but trying or being neutral and not taking your chances? Remember Lebron James when he hasn't got his two rings yet, he was always criticized for not taking the last shot, he passes it to his teammates instead. Maybe he don't want to take the blame that is why he didn't get a championship in cleveland, but when he was in Miami he is already taking charge, he is getting the ball into his hands when the dying seconds is coming in that is why he won 2 championships.

If you aren't willing to take the blame and aren't willing to fail then your life will still remain, you will not get the blame but you will not also get the rewards of taking the big risks, remember the BIGGER THE RISK, THE BIGGER THE REWARDS.

March 22, 2015


If you are moving you are already successful but the movement must be towards your goals and not to anything else. I assure you that if you keep on moving towards your goals you are on the right path and it is just a matter of time before you reach your destination. Don't be afraid if you don't know what is the next step just keep on moving and the answers will reveal itself along the way.

The only question is how fast can you be successful of course that depends on how fast you move but don't rush things you are not on the race. Just be consistent everyday, do every single step may it be little or big that will help you achieve your goals. Be relentless push yourself, rest if you must but don't take a very long break.

Just enjoy the movement, stay focus because everytime you move, that brings you one step closer to your goals. Take adjustments if results aren't showing up but never change your goal. Be happy if you create a progress even if it is the tiniest progress for your goals. Never think about failing because you will only fail if you will stop. Forget about how long will it take you to accomplish your goals because you will never know when you will get it, you can get it today or tomorrow, next week or next year but you can't get it if you will stop.

You will get frustrated sometimes but that is normal, you will get depressed, you will get unmotivated but it is your duty to motivate yourself. Always stay hungry, never be satisfied for the little success that you taste along the way.

Guard yourself and always be conscious if you are still moving, if you are not then move. If you are moving you are already successful, its is just a matter of time when you will get there.

March 22, 2015


Be a sponge that can absorb anything that was feed into it. If your teacher is feeding you important information and lessons absorb it, treat each lesson as a water that can be easily absorbed by a sponge. If life is throwing you a big challenge just absorb it, don't back down on it and soon it will be over. If life is giving you a lot of blessings don't be shy to take all of them, never let a single opportunity pass, absorb every blessings. If people is not treating your right, have the sponge mentality, they can squeeze you but you will retain your original form.

Life is easy if you can teach yourself how to absorb anything and accept anything as it is, you will never get rotten, your self belief will never wobble no matter what happen to you or what adversity are you facing.

Absorb everything that was thrown to you without getting affected, be like sponge, life can squeeze you bit it can never destroy you.

March 21, 2015


There is no fire without fuel, coal, wood, garbage or anything that can be burned. Just like your fire it cannot live without inspiration, it cannot stand so long if there is nothing that makes it going. Find what feeds your fire, find what inspires you, find what makes you going, find what excites you and what motivates you. It can come from bad experience such as losing, failing or embarrassment or it can even come form inspiration such as love ones, goals, dreams or redemption.

There are so many ways to find what feeds your fire, you are the one who is responsible for looking after it. Sometimes you don't even to look for it because you can feel it naturally, there is always something that makes you mad, makes you angry, makes you move or makes you unstoppable and once you see what makes you fired up use it, think of it every time you need to get motivated, always think of it so that you will always be on the move.

Once that something that makes you fired up is no longer effective and is no longer of use to you, find another thing that makes you excited, angry, motivated and passionate. The fuel that feeds your fire will never ran out, it is unlimited, you just have to find where it comes or where will it come, don't stop your fire burning, never stop the feeding!

March 20, 2015


Promise to yourself right now that no matter what you will keep on moving forward. Promise to yourself you will give your best everyday, every second, every minute. Promise to yourself you will feel no doubts, promise to yourself you will feel invincible, promise to yourself you will give everything you have to get what you want to have.

Just promise to yourself, never promise your promise to everyone, never promise to social medias, you will only lose people's trust if you fail your promise, you will lose credibility and they will tell that you are just good at words, do you like that? So just promise your promise to yourself and not to every people you know.

It is easy to promise but it is not easy to do it so to lessen the pressure never tell your promise to anyone, just do what you promise and if you are not seeing results yet just stick to your plan, never kill your promise just because nobody knows it, if you kill it you are only fooling yourself. Promise that you will do what you promise, promise that your promise is not just a promise.

March 20, 2015


Guaranteed that you have fire in what you desire, you are so eager, you work so harder, you are more excited than your competitor or your opponent, your fire is hotter but the question is...Is your fire going to last longer? What if your fire lasts only for few days or weeks? Still you will lose. Make sure your fire is hotter and make sure your fire will last longer, make sure you will get excited the whole year, you will get motivated 365 days a year and you will continue getting motivated the next year and so on until your life is over. This is the only way to stay on top, it is the only way to have an edge to others. A lot of people were only good at the beginning, they were so excited about the new idea, they were so dedicated for the first few days or weeks but when the trouble comes or hardship was felt their fire dies so fast.

I want you to have a fire that cannot be extinguished, a fire that grows bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter no matter what the situation is. Have a fire that will never die when obstacles and adversity shows along the way. Have a fire that will eat anything or anyone that touches it. Have a fire that will live forever even to the last seconds of your life.

March 20, 2015


If you are in a competitive field like sports, marketing or business you've got to have fire. What I mean by fire is the desire, the eagerness, the willingness to do whatever it takes, the willingness to make sacrifices, the willingness to take action despite of being weary. Some people say if you have fire then you have a very big chance of winning...BUT... Wait, not so fast! Just because you have fire in your heart doesn't mean your success is guaranteed. What if your opponent hast fire too? what if he also possesses the characteristics and drive that you have? Who do you think will win? The answer is the owner of the hotter fire.

Your fire should be hotter than the fire of your opponent or your competitor. If he is excited to do the job then you should be crazy to do the job. If he thinks outside of the box then you should produce a thought that no one can ever think. If he always finds an opportunity then you should be the one who creates the opportunity. If he is dedicated then you should be obsess. Whatever your opponent can do, you should do it better. If he works on saturdays and sundays then you should work on Christmas and New Year or even on your son's birthday. Make sure you have the hotter fire, make sure your flame is a blue flame. There are no excuses here, it is an all out war!!!

March 19, 2015


If you already try a lot of things to turn your life around such as reading ebooks, hiring a motivational coach, joining a program, watching inspiring movies etc. and yet you still find yourself clowning around and taking your life for granted then this will be the best solution for you: PRESSURE YOURSELF!!! If positive things cannot make you move to achieve your goals then use negative thinking to make you move. Here are some best samples of negative affirmations:

1. "If I will not study now I will become very poor at the near future"
2. "If I will not stop smoking I will die today"
3. "If I will not exercise and make my body beautiful my husband will leave me and he will sleep with her secretary"
4. "If I cannot stand for myself people will always push me and they will make me a slave"
5. "If I will not do the things that I should do today I will get crazy because of stress and I will be send to mental hospital together with weak people"

Those are just my samples, you can make your own affirmations, the badder the better. If this is the only way to make you move then do it, you need to turn your life around and if you need to use negative thinking use it because sometimes negative thinking will give positive results if used in a proper way. Pressures can either break you or make you so stop clowning around, PRESSURE YOURSELF!!!

March 19, 2015


How many clothes do you have? if you have too much clothes in your cabinet and some of them are no longer in use, donate them! How many good friends do you have? how many bad friends?how many user friends? count them all, eliminate all that are useless in your life.

Do you have 3 cars? but one or two of them is a pain in your ass because of its monthly payment, you know what to do, stop trying to look very rich in front of people, you know in yourself if you are rich or not, return one or two cars to the bank.

What habits do you have? do you have habits that you know will do no good for you but you are still doing it? is this bad habit really beneficiary? or is it something that will just make you cool? eliminate this habit!! right now! Only keep good habits that will make your life better and will put you in the right direction.

Sometimes too much is not good for us, it will make our mind crowded, it will make our energy wobble, it will make us confuse, it is not healthy. Practicing segregation will put our mind at ease, the saying "less is more" is true because we will have a peace of mind and we will appreciate more the things that we have even though it is not too many.

I want you to eliminate all the pain in your pass, stop having so much if it is not healthy just for the sake of looking cool. Eliminate all the toxic in your life, may it be friends, things, activities, get rid of them. Retain all the things that will keep you in control, healthy and will give you peace of mind. It easier to grow of you are relaxed and at ease.

March 19, 2015


Well, there are really no hard things in life if we wanted to do it. Is it hard because we look at it as hard and not easy. It is hard because we are not enjoying it. Look how some people work for more than 8 hours a day without tiring, look at those athletes, look at those marketing freaks. It seems like everything they do is very easy, it is because they wanna do it, it looks easy because they have a great rhythm going on.

Is washing 15 pieces of plates hard? does it take an hour to do it? then why is it that your butt feel so heavy while doing it? It is because you don't wanna do it, who wants to wash the dishes anyway? But if you will travel for a vacation and you need to travel for 8 hours which is the harder thing to do seems like so easy, it is because you wanted to do it. Life is a matter of perspective, a single task even if it is hard in reality will be easy if we can enjoy it.

If it is really feels hard for you to do something, you can find another way how to do it to make it easy. For example you need to exercise in a treadmill and you set a goal of 30 mins to do it, it is boring to run 30 mins straight right? You can listen to a music while running so that your mind will be entertained and shifts its focus. You can even run 10 mins first then rest then run 10 mins again and so on. You can even watch television while doing it, there are lots of ways how to make a boring task fun it is up to you to find ways how to do it, you can even reward yourself something that you want if you finish a task. For example you can eat your favorite cake after running a treadmill, don't worry about gaining fat because tomorrow you will run again. They key here is building a habit of doing what is needed and having fun while doing it, it doesn't matter how you do it, the important thing is you enjoy while doing it.

March 18, 2015


I am sorry I have a little headache I cannot go to school now
I am late it is traffic, sorry boss
Sorry I forgot it because I am so busy this weekend
Not now I am having a bad day
Oh it is raining lets just jog tomorrow
We lost because the referee sucks
My shoes don't fit I cannot run smoothly
I am so tired that is why I wasn't able to perform well

Ok those are just some of the lousy excuses we use everyday. Maybe we are just fooling ourselves and the people around us but is there any excuse that will improve the situation? Is there any excuse that can improve your life? Does an excuse can make a difference? Ok you got away with a one day workout because you told yourself you are not feeling well BUT... who is the one who will suffer the consequences? who is the one who did not get stronger? who is the one who is left behind? who is the one who did not level up? and who is the one who misses everything?

I know you already prepared the excuse that you will use a minute, an hour or a day before you use it. You already knew what to tell the moment you screwed up. Preparing an excuse means preparing to fail. Lets say your teacher excuse you because she believed that you accidentally forgot to breath for 20 seconds that is why you couldn't come to class yesterday, are the quizzes you missed gonna excuses you? are the lectures that you've missed gonna teach you? NO!!! You've missed everything! You've missed the moment that you've made the excuses for. Just remember this: EXCUSES WILL NEVER EXCUSE YOU, YOU ARE JUST FOOLING YOURSELF!

March 17, 2015


If you are asking how many reps or how much action do you need in order to succeed... The answer is as many as you can. There is no exact number, there are no limits and no quotas. If you can read 10 books a day then do it, if you can run 1000 miles then do it. If you need to fail a hundred times then do it. If you need to work 72 hours a week why not?

If you are in a marketing business and just because you contact 15 people a day doesn't mean you will succeed, if you can talk to 30 people a day and offer your product then much better if you can do 50 or more then much much better. If you can only do 15 or less but you did your best effort then you are still fine. Sometimes we put a limit to ourselves and never increase our effort anymore because we are satisfied to what we have at the moment. Ideally people has no limits of the numbers they can do for a certain task it is only a matter of accepting how many times can we do for something.

If someone can do 1000 push ups straight you too can do that or even break that number. If someone has bought 20 houses you too can have that, me too can have that, it is just a mater of pushing our belief to believe in a particular number, of course it is very hard to do it but if someone did it so as you.

Remember this, there are no quotas and no limits, don't ask me about how much effort you have to do in order to succeed or how much money can you earn, the answer much as you can!

March 17, 2015


My brother wants to order a breadstick in a food chain but he don't know if they serve it separately so he hesitates to ask because he is shy and he thought that he might get embarrassed, I told him that just order and don't ask, after ordering he was surprised that he get what he wants effortlessly.

You are looking for a job, you suddenly enter a building for whatever reason, maybe you feel something in there, don't ask if they have an opening, just pass your resume, if they don't have an opening just go, if they have then be happy.

If you are courting a girl and you want to ask her to go for a date with you but you are too afraid that you might get rejected, don't ask her just call her and tell her this "let's watch movie tonight, I will treat you and we will have some fun" This might work or not but 90 percent it will work you know why? because you leave her no choice but to go with you and girls love confident guys so you already impresses her.

Sometimes we people are afraid to ask about something because we think that people will think of us as ignorant, the solution to this is don't ask, just tell what is your objective so you won't feel any fear. Going directly to something will take away your fears and you will find immediate results.

March 17, 2015


Just make decisions, never ask if what will be the result of your decision. Be a decision maker not an asker! If you ask questions then the decision will be in pending. If you decide now the answers will be given.

Decide that you will get your goal no matter what, stop asking how to get it.
Decide that you will shred your fats no matter what, stop asking what exercises need to be done, stop asking what foods to eat, it is your know the amount of pain it can hold to get there.
Decide that you will be a better person no matter what, stop asking people if you are doing good, they too don't know what is good enough.
Decide that you will take the next step no matter what, stop asking people if what you are doing is right! Right or wrong it is your life, it is none of their business.

Only ask questions if needed, if there is a little idea you know in yourself has a chance of succeeding then just execute it. Let your mistakes give you an answer, stop asking start doing!

March 17, 2015


Never get frustrated if they don't understand you, it is your life not theirs. If they cannot accept the way you live your life don't even bother thinking about them. Life is yours live it your way. Nothing in this world matters other than your goal and how you feel. If you are studying instead of partying and people call you nerd ignore it. They just don't know the word sacrifice so you must be the one who laugh at them. If you are pursuing this big goal that for others are very impossible to achieve that is why they laugh at you, they criticize you and put you down, just think of them as dead people that cannot dream anymore. If they cannot understand you just understand that they cannot understand. If you have your own world don't let them step into your world, ban them into your world, never let them ruin your own and peaceful world.

People nowadays are all gurus, masters, shoguns, presidents and even gods, they know what is better for you, they command you and poisoned your mind. Never listen to these people, never let anyone take control of your decisions and influenced your desires. They are just wannabes and hasn't prove anything in their lives that is why when they see someone dreaming big they want to stop that person. They are just jealous because they don't even know how to take control of their lives, if they cannot understand you that is their problem.

March 15, 2015


You know why fear is not real? because it hasn't happen yet, what you fear hasn't happen yet, it is only in your mind, it will only happen if you focus your mind into it, you focus so much on fear that is why it manifests itself. What if you counter your fear and you believe that it is not real? do you think it will make you feel better? certainly it does. Fear makes us sick, fear makes us give up, fear makes us uncreative but fear isn't really real. Do not believe in fear because it doesn't believe in you.

Be logical, don't believe in things that hasn't happen yet and 100 percent of fears comes from anticipation, you anticipate that something bad will happen, you anticipate that you will fail, you anticipate that people will criticize you if you make a mistake that is why you don't want to even try.

Fear is not real because it can only be seen at the future and not at the present moment. Everything that will come from the future can be controlled and can be changed. You can control what is happening now and if you control it in the right way then fear will disappear.

Fear is just a negative emotion, it cannot be seen and cannot be touched so it cannot hurt you so why believe in it?

March 14, 2015


Lets make some different motivation this time, if telling you positive things is not working then maybe lets tweak the method a little bit. If making positive affirmations is not working for you then maybe you should put some negativity into negative things. You know in yourself what is positive and what is negative right? then why are you still doing negative things?

Ok to shorten the discussion I will go directly to my point, when I say put negativity into negative things, you should identify first what is negative into your life. If you think smoking cigarettes is negative into your life, say this to yourself "If I continue smoking, I will have a stage 12 lung cancer" or "One cigarette is equivalent to subtracting one day of my life" the stronger negativity you put into a negative thing, the stronger it will work. Here is another sample, "If I don't exercise now, I will have a heart attack later" or "If I watch TV for one straight hour and avoid the things that I must do I will become broke and I will live on streets forever"

The technique here is take this method seriously, don't make it a fun, you never know if it can happen in your real life.

March 14, 2015


Not everyone takes feedback as a constructive criticism, they say feedback is good and I think it is good if its aim is to make the one who gets the feedback better. Sometimes people makes feedback just to put someone down or to make someone feel bad. In my own personal opinion it still depends to the person who gets the feedback if he will feel bad or take it as challenge. Sometimes feedbacks stick to our head so long and we wonder if it is right or wrong, sometimes it serves as an element to decrease our confidence if the feedback is so bad.

If we take the feedback seriously it will change our belief and it will change the way we behave everyday, it takes away the sense of being ourselves. My advice is to not listen to anyone's feedback, it is their opinion and they are free to talk about anything they want. Never listen to anyone's feedback if its objective is to change you but you don't want to change, never listen to anyone's feedback if it is against with your feelings. If the  feedback makes you feel bad never listen to it, if the feedback is good never listen to it too because it will make your head grow bigger and you will become a little arrogant. Feedbacks are just opinions from people who really don't know who you are so the key here is just be yourself, just do your thing and follow what your heart says no matter what.

March 13, 2015


You don't know the rules anymore, the only thing in your mind is your goal. You don't care if you have people on your back, all you know is you got to have that one thing that you really want. You don't care if your wounded or bleeding, you embrace the pain and take the necessary steps. You feel invincible, you use all the tools and means that you have.

You don't care about what people say, you don't care how you look, there is always a sense of urgency and you know that you can die anytime so you don't waste a single second. Inch by inch you become closer to your goal and every time you get closer the risk becomes bigger, so what if it becomes bigger, the more it becomes difficult the more you are challenged.

You give everything you have, you hurt people without intention but that's the way it is. You can never rise if all the people loves you, there will be haters, there will be abusers. You are very single minded, sometimes your plan doesn't succeed but you don't have a plan B, all you know is you have to succeed. You live by your rules, you live by your standards, you don't let anyone have the power to control you, you have a gangster mindset and your life is devoted to your goal.

March 13, 2015


When you always wanted to become perfect you only put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You don't want to make mistakes that is why you don't to want try different things anymore or you don't want to take big risks. Almost everyone wants perfect results that is why they ended up being disappointed in their lives. Being perfectionist is good in some ways but for me it has more disadvantages than advantages. For example you want a perfect life and you don't want any problems, there is no such thing as this kind of life so you will end up being disappointed and blaming everyone or everything for not getting the results that you want.

Another is you want a perfect partner, again there is no perfect person in this world so if you begin to notice some flaws from your partner you will immediately fall out of love and look for another person that you thought is perfect. Another good example is you want a career move but you are looking for a perfect timing, what if that perfect time didn't come? you will end up being stuck in your old job.

The key here is just make a move, never mind if the result will become perfect or not, just do what you need to do, do what is on your mind, do what is needed at the moment. If you want to become perfect do nothing, try nothing, that is the only way to become perfect.

There will always be critics around, no matter how good you are people will see flaws from you. The situation will never be perfect, all you can do is give your best, show what you got and enjoy the imperfectness of your life. And one last thing, accept that you are not perfect, accept that you are capable of making mistakes, that will take away a lot of pressure form your shoulders.

March 13, 2015


Yeah it is fun to watch some kind of a baseball game, hockey game, basketball or a football game especially when you are lying on your couch with a beer and pizza. Who in the world would not love to do that? especially when your favorite team is winning and you are telling your friends how great your favorite player was.

I am also doing it, I am watching my favorite player Dwyane Wade dunking on some 7 footers and hitting some crucial shots. BUT... the big but is here again, don't just watch the sports you love you must do it too. When you spend a lot of time just watching the sport that you love then one day you will become obese, I am right, watching it on your favorite couch with some beers and unhealthy snacks will make your belly fat. The worse thing here is you if your team lose you also feel bad, you will even argue with the bad calls that the referees made and involve yourself in thousands of comments in facebook why your team lose.

It is better to also do the sports you love so you will know what is the feeling of being a star, be good at it, strive to be the best. Don't just watch, be the person to be watch. It doesn't matter how old you are, just do the sport that you love so your life will be healthier and all of the snacks that you eat while watching it will gte burned. Who knows when you become so good at it one day you will become a real star, just take your chances and enjoy it.

March 13, 2015


When you feel tired bear in mind that your opponent becomes tired too. Think that they are tiring twice as you are so never worry if you get tired because you are only a human same as your opponent. If you knew in yourself that you train and you prepare before the competition then there is nothing to worry about, just take some deep breathe and your body will recover fast.

There is no invincible in this world but you can feel invincible if you set your mind into it. Think that your cardio is the strongest, have the mindset that you will move no matter how your body feels. Your opponent is only human same as you, he also feel what you feel but you can have a different interpretation of how you feel. If you feel tired think of it as a sign that you are close to winning, think of it that you are only one step closer to victory, everyone gets tired but not everyone can push through it so be the one who pushes despite of a tired body.

March 12, 2015


What do you need right now? You need money? So what do you need to get money? You need a job? So what do you need to get a job? and so on and on. Just know what you need the most at the moment and when you figured it out know what is your next need. People often got confused on what they need because they think too much and they think about how many needs they need to have or do, the need to pay the bills, the need to get slim, the need to get rich, the need to do household chores, the need to have the latest gadget etc. Just feel what you needed the most in order to have a more balance life.

If you need to get a job find what is needed to get the job, of course you need the necessary skills to have the job that you want, if you don't have that skills yet find out how can you have that skills, it is either you learn it by watching or you learn it by doing. You need to satisfy each need first in order to have that main need. Knowing what you need the most and finding ways how to get that need will put your life in proper order. Having too much needs and not knowing what is needed to satisfy those needs will make your life confused and out of direction.

It is better if you can trim down your needs and just try to have what is really needed. If you need a lot to get what you need then it will take more time to have that need. Try to simplify your life, don't overthink and feel that you need to have this or that in order to have what is really needed. For example one day you feel the need to get slim so the most effective way is to exercise but because you think too much you feel you need to have a new shoes for training, you feel you need to have a new bike, you feel you need to have a treadmill, you feel you need to have a coach and any other things that will make it harder to achieve what is really needed.

Sometimes having a lot of needs not only make the main need hard to attained but it also serves as an excuse to not execute the main need. People has a lot of needs that is why they cannot be happy and be satisfied in their lives. Sometimes they do not even know what it is that they really need so they look for a need that they do not need.

March 11, 2015


You Are Passionate At Something If...

1. For whatever reason you still do it even if you are tired
2. You still do it even if there is no money involved
3. You do it before anything else
4. You do it not for fame
5. You do it to make yourself feel good
6. You do it everyday and you cannot sleep without doing it
7. You want to do it forever
8. You can take criticisms and continue doing it
9. You forget about the time while you are doing it
10. Even on your busy schedule you still find time to do it

We are blind if we are passionate at doing something, we forget the rules, we forget the norms, we forget about the consequences for doing it. We just simply do it because it feeds our soul and gives us satisfaction and joy, if you experienced at least 5 things from the list above you are very passionate at what you are doing and you will be very successful, just continue on being passionate and things will flow so easily.

March 10, 2015


This is why bullies are invented, this is why there are people who makes fun at other people. It is simply because some people let other people make fun of them.

If there is someone who is making fun of you get rid of him, if you are asking me how to get rid of him I don't know, you are the one who knows it but make sure you will not make any violent actions or any actions that will put you into trouble. It is your life, love it, protect it and don't let others disrespect it.

When I was a child when I feel someone is making fun of me it makes me mad, so very very mad and even when I grew up I don't like it when someone is treating me like a clown. My initial response to this is I test my patience at first, I allow it once or twice because I am thinking maybe I am just misinterpreting the person who is doing it to me. but when it already hits the button and my patience is already on the limit, I make sure the person who did this to me feel what I feel. I raise my voice when I answer him, I make sarcastic jokes too or say something that he will not like, I make sure he feels that I am not comfortable on his clowning around with my life. Luckily I didn't get punched or I never got engaged in a fist fight maybe it is because I earned their respect and they also feel that I am not the type of person who wants to get bullied forever.

If this is happening to you stop it now or it wont stop forever, we as humans are all equal and no one has the right to disrespect others. Make a defense mechanism that you think will stop the madness, make sure it is not violent, just do something. You are not a clown unless it is your job.

March 10, 2015


If it feels like you have to work forever to get that goal that you really want, you are wrong...The more you work the more you get closer to your goal, there is no such thing as forever, sometimes it is very repetitive and it feels like there is no improvement or progress but don't think it is going to be forever. All efforts will never be ignored and all efforts will be rewarded. All the pain that you endured will soon become strength, all the sweat and tears that you secrete will soon become trophies. All the misery, all the sorrow will change into triumph and celebration, you cannot be on the uglier side forever. As long as you keep on pushing, persevering and focusing your mind to success you will get there I assure you that.

Sometimes we feel that we cannot change our situation and move to the prettier side of life because suffering blinds us and it makes us give up but when we find that strength to keep on moving and immune ourselves to pain then miracles will come, the sun will shine again and the rain will not fall anymore.

There is no such thing as forever, you cannot be at the bottom for life, just do what you need to do and little by little you will experience the brighter side of life.

March 09, 2015


Thoughts are really hard to control especially if we lack the discipline to control it or we are not aware of what we are thinking, we just let our mind think of the things that comes in it. It is really true that we think what we become so if your thoughts are not in good direction you better change the way it behave. My advice is don't think too much, just think of the things that might help you or will make you feel better.

 Expose your mind only to the things that will make it think positively and will give solutions to our life. Imagine that your mind has a special filter and it will stop all the negative thoughts that wants to pass. Once you find yourself thinking about useless thoughts or negative thoughts just stop it, replace it with positive thoughts that will make your life better. Always be aware, don't let your thoughts control you, tame your mind.

Occupy your mind with only thoughts that you want to happen, this is one way of making your life simpler and easier. Sometimes we love to do a lot of things it is ok but if you feel that it is not healthy to your mind then begin crossing out some of the activities that are less valuable to yourself. You will feel if your mind is very confused and cannot process a lot of information because it is focus to worrying a lot of things.

BE AT THE MOMENT!!! Once you are doing something, forget about the other things that will distract you. You will finish a task faster if you will only think of finishing it. Make it a habit that your mind is only accepting information that will be helpful to you, in other words be SIMPLE, avoid complicating things that will give you a headache. For example if you wish to have a brand new house just only think of ways how to get it and never entertain thoughts that will lengthen the process of getting it. Life is very simple if we will think simple, OUR MIND IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL THINGS, FEED IT WITH THE NUTRIENTS IT NEEDED.

March 09, 2015


Some people were not taking full accountability of their lives because they know they have their MAMAs and PAPAs or brothers/sisters/relatives that will support them no matter what. Some people were lucky enough and doesn't even need to work anymore because they were very rich and they have enough until they get old and grey. Some people just rely on help or donations and accept their lives as it is. WOW! if you are one of them be scared now, do you think those lifelines will be forever accessible? do you think you will live forever living your life like a king? sorry if I am getting harsh but I've seen a lot of people who just rely on the hands of somebody, they will just wait for the help and they will feel bad if the help didn't come. I can't believe that there are still people today who are very lazy to get their assess beat out and find the food of their own.

Maybe they believe that the help or assistance that they are getting at the moment will stay forever and they do not have to worry anymore. There are no permanent things in this world, I know a lot of people who just purely relies on assistance, they are so lazy, they feel lucky and they even have the guts to be proud. One day their source of income  has disappeared for whatever reasons and they have a very hard time trying to adjust. They believe that that the people who were supporting them will be forever there and will not leave them so they did not learn how to make money on their own. The result is their lives become miserable and they blame the people who supports them before for not taking care of them anymore.

If you are one of these people who feels very lucky because you have lifelines you better think now. Someday those people who supports you will get tired and will not support you anymore. Assistance is not forever and it only exists on a short period of time. You have to start learning how to earn now before it is too late. Act now before the situation gets worse, cut your lifelines now because it will only make you weak, lazy and dependent. Stop being a leech, stop being a pain in the ass to someone else's life. Show to your family that you are strong, show them that you can stand on your own feet. You don't need someone else's help you only need to help yourself.

March 08, 2015


Go for it directly whatever it is that you want, no second thoughts, no hesitations, no doubts, no fears. Just go for it. If you want to ask a girl for a date, don't text her, tell it in front of her face but be sure you are relax when doing it, women loves confident men, if you try to over analyze and keep thinking on what to say, what to wear and when is the right time to do it then you will become more nervous, fear is growing stronger the moment we tend to delay something. If you tell it to her directly she might even admire your bravery and manliness, don't be conscious on what words to say because you will find words to say as you talk to her, but again the secret to this is approach her with a relax state of mind.

If you want to ask a raise from your boss then approach him immediately. Never use emails, texts or asking for a dinner. Just step into his office, talk to him with authority and tell him why you deserve an increase, if you feel that you are really deserving then don't stop yourself from doing it. You know to yourself when you are deserving or not so stop fooling yourself that you need an increase just because you work for years in the company.

If you don't feel the way you are treated by someone then tell him, even if it is in front of people never be afraid to do it but be sure to tell it with confidence, use a loud voice but never use impolite words. Never be afraid of conflicts because bigger conflicts will arise once you stop yourself from doing what you wanted to do. That guy will get shocked and he will know that he offends you so he will be careful the next time you meet him.

Going for something directly will not only give you fast confidence but it will also give you immediate results. If you got rejected then don't feel bad at least you know the answer and you can adjust immediately and look for different options. Just remember once we delay something, fear will grow bigger and bigger.

March 08, 2015


Ever wonder why you are not yet getting slim right now after following the program that you bought recently somewhere at the internet? Ever wonder why your muscles are not yet growing after following some advice of a well known "guru"? Ever wonder why your life is not yet changing after doing some hypnosis, self improvement or self development techniques?

The answer is very simple, the program you are using is not working for you, it may work for other people but not for everyone. You see each one of us has his own unique body mechanism and body structure so not all popular programs will work for everyone. Never get caught by those hypnotic advertisements that guaranteed you will lose 30 lbs in one week. Never get fooled by those high tech apparatus that promises you will have 12 pack abs. They use sexy bodies to elude you and not to help you, I am not saying that all of those products were fake, I am just saying that you will still be the one who will help yourself.

Some of those programs were really working, most of them but the question is... is it working for you? If it is not working for you there are only three reasons behind that:

1. The product doesn't really work
2. You are not working hard enough
3. The program is not compatible to your body or to your liking

My advice is work hard and use the program very well, if the program that you bought is not making any results after using it for 30 days straight for at least 30 mins a day then maybe the program is a fraud or it is not compatible to your body. The program that you bought will also not work if you don't love it and you feel very lazy while doing or using it.

The best way to avoid wasting money is create your own program. Yeah you heard me right, CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAM, you own your body so you must know what is the best for it. For once in your life stop listening to these "GURUS", stop buying over priced products that promises you impossible results. If you don't have any exercise machine on your home it is ok. I have created my own program that is producing me incredible results and I love doing it everyday so I never skipped a session, here is how it looks to give you an idea:

1. 30 mins treadmill (you can replace it with jumping rope, jogging or steady running at home if you don't have a treadmill)
2. 200 situps
3. 50 burpees
4. 50 reps of dumbbell (no required wt., any kind of lifting exercise that will contract your muscles will do)
4. 50 squat jumps
5. A little bit of diet (don't eat when you're not hungry)

That's it, very easy and fun to do, the secret for your program to be effective is find the exercises/drills/routines that you love to do and do it 4-6 times a week, never engage in an exercise that will make you feel lazy and boring in the long run. You can make an easy program at first then if you get bored because your body is no longer feeling the challenge try to create a more difficult program that you will enjoy doing everyday. Hardwork and dedication are the most needed if you want to have a nice body, you don't need to buy shits that will make you fatter and your wallet thinner.

March 08, 2015


Have you ever seen a person who is really sure of what he is doing? it is amazing when you watch his movement so flawless and he feels like he controls everything, there is no fear in his eyes and when you hear him speak his voice is very clear without any sound of weakness. I have seen guys like this in the likes of president Obama, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Oprah, Will Smith and many more, all of them were successful. When these guys talk or move there is no sign of hesitation at all, they are very sure they can nail what is supposed to be nailed. It seems like they have no conscience at all, it seems like they cannot do any mistake and they already knew what is going to happen. They knew when they start something they can finish it successfully no matter how many trials will come along the way.

That is the Law of Sureness, when you are very sure about something and you know you can do what is supposed to be done then you will be successful. If you are very sure about yourself that you are qualified to do something great then you will get it. Success doesn't flirt with people who hesitates nor give them a chance. Success is attached with those people who are very sure of what are they doing because success knows that those people will never choke at hard times. The Law of Sureness is different from being cocky, people who are very sure are not cocky, they do not need to tell people that they know what to do because being sure doesn't need noise or exposure. People who are sure prepares a long time, they practice over and over again to feel confident that they can win while cocky people are just pretending that they can succeed by telling it to everyone.

If you are sure of what you want then you will get it and you will get it fast, you have no plan B nor plan C your masterplan is to execute the plan A, for example like buying a car if you don't know what brand, what color and what model of car do you like then 100 percent you won't get anything, you will get confused and maybe get overwhelmed with the prices of the cars that you are seeing but if you are sure of what car you want you will not mind the price or the consequences that may arise at the future. Another example is starting a business, if you did not make an extensive research about the business that you are building then likely you will get bankrupt very early because you are not sure what to do when something goes wrong. Being sure requires hardwork, preparation and the willingness to choose what you want.

March 07, 2015


"Life is short" this is a term for people that has a lot of regrets in their lives and wish that they could live longer so they can still do what they want to do. Life is not short, analyze your life carefully, what are you doing everyday? you see you have 9 long hours of working from Monday to Friday and even Saturday and you feel like it will never end right? You are watching television for 4 hours a day and you never missed your favorite TV show right? You spend at least 3 hours or more a day using your social media accounts and studying the lives of others, the worse is you even visit useless sites that will only pollute your mind.

If you compute all of your wasted hours since you were young it will be equivalent to thousands of hours then how come you will complain that life is so short? It is short if you let it fly without using it wisely, it is short if it has no memories worth to remember, it is short if you did not try your best to live the life what you want, it is short if you did not say "I Love You" to your loved ones, it is short if you are full of regrets.

Life is short if we want more of it when we are about to die, life is short if we did not fulfill what we are supposed to do and follow our passion. 

Life is long when you travel a very very long journey just to achieve your goals. Life is long if you did not prioritize sleeping and resting instead you do more and experience more. Life is long if you feel you already need to rest and you have nothing more to give because you've given your all already. Life is long if you take the path less traveled and you did not took shortcuts in life. Life is long if you take care of your life and you live a life that cannot be forgotten. 

March 07, 2015


Become excited about your growth, become excited at how great you can be, never get excited about the plan of others, support them but don't get too attached about their lives. I don't know why a lot of us are too excited to learn about the lives of others, everyone is excited where Lebron James will go, everyone is excited about what is the next song that Rihanna will sing, everyone is excited about who will be the number one draft pick in the NFL, everyone is excited about who will win the best actor in Grammy. Everyone is excited about the newest winner in a particular reality show.

Why don't you become excited abut yourself?, be excited at how much money will you earn this year, be excited about how far can you go if you give everything you've got, be excited about what new skill are you going to learn, be excited about the places where you can go. There are too many things to get excited about, stop wasting your excitement for others, it is your feelings don't direct your feelings to anyone who doesn't know you and didn't even care about you. Your emotions are precious and it can be a big part of your success if you use it in the right direction. Excitement makes us move, excitement fuels our passion, if you get excited about something that is related to your goal do it, never postpone excitement because it may past away and never come back again. Find things that excites you and make sure those things will make you grow as a person, make sure those things that excites you are beneficiary and will help you in the long run.

March 07, 2015


Is there an assembled bike or customized car that is already beautiful from the start of assembly? When you first write your essay, are your words already in proper structure? Is there a rebuilding sports team that did not experience any chemistry problems form the first day of practice? 

When your are practicing something, lets say a skill like drawing, is your first drawing flawless and perfect? I bet nothing is beautiful at the beginning, even a very skilled tattoo artist turns his customer's body into a mess on his first gig. Ugliness appears at the beginning and beauty shows itself at the end. It is normal if what you are doing is not showing results that you want because you do not have the right skills yet to make it beautiful. Once you put the effort, practice everyday and make a commitment to improve then you will see beauty at the end. It is like learning to play an instrument, all the sounds that you hear at the beginning is ugly because you do not have the necessary skills yet to produce a pleasant sound, you don't know any notes, you don not have the perfect timing and your pacing is terrible. But when you make a consistent effort to practice everyday, embrace the ugliness of your sound and find a way to make it better then little by little you will see an improvement, you will learn what is needed and what are the proper techniques to produce high quality sound.

If we cannot endure the ugliness in life and find ways to make it better then it will remain ugly. The only things that are beautiful in this world are the finish products, the product of consistent effort, countless hours of hardwork and dedication. So no matter how ugly your situation is, you can make it better as long as your committed to improvement.

March 07, 2015


If  the washing soap ran out you can still use a laundry soap for washing the dishes. If your favorite food cannot be serve for any reason you can still order another food that you like. If your favorite shirt is dirty you can still wear your second favorite shirt. If a job opening rejects you, you can still look for another job opening. If Coke is unavailable you can order Pepsi if you like. If the plate number of your car is restricted for color coding, use public vehicle instead. If the shampoo is already empty use the regular soap instead, it is better to use it rather than your hair stinks. If you cannot afford a host for your website, use a free blogging platform, it is still up to you how to make your niche nice and interesting.

If you have no treadmill just walk. If your shoes is very old and asking for retirement just use slippers. If you have no money to watch the concert just watch it on the television. If you cannot afford to watch the latest movie in a movie theater and you want to know the story badly just look for a friend who already watched the movie and ask him what happened.

Never let the lack of something ruin your day or stop you from enjoying your life, everything has an
alternative we just have to learn how to enjoy that alternative and make the best of it. We should change our perspective and stop focusing on what we lack instead focus on the things that can replace that "lack of something". Just appreciate what you have and if you can find a way on how to make your things or situation better then it is better. Learning how to appreciate the things that you have will remind yourself how bless you are. You already have enough you will just have to learn how to appreciate it.

March 07, 2015


How many times does these doctors fail about telling us what is the limit of our body and what is the only thing we should do?

I've know a woman who was told that her life will only last for two months but she survived for 5 years, it is true because she was the mother of my friend. When I was diagnosed with Degenerative Osteoarthropathy the doctor told me to stop playing basketball or I should go into her rehab if I still want to play, I did not believe her, I just took care of my body, have enough rest, eat healthy foods and look at me now I can still play at the highest level at the age of 30. I am still schooling these young bloods and making them look like kids.

I am not telling you that you should not believe doctors, yeah they are right because they have scientific evidences that they are right but what they cannot measure is your belief. Belief can make miracles and your belief will be your last source of strength to overcome the biggest challenge that you are facing right now. If a doctor tells you that you will just live for a week, is believing him will help you?Not at all, if you believe in him then you will worry, you will get depressed and your immune system will fail and then you will die. But if you believe that he is wrong then you will start to find solutions, you will look for answers, you will pray, you will never give up and day by day you are surviving, you are getting stronger everyday and you will live longer.

That is what belief does, it is believing that despite of pain you can still live and do what you want. So the next time a doctor tells you that you can't play anymore or you can't live anymore because of your condition, stop believing in him, believe in yourself that you are the one who is in charge of your life and you will be the one who will decide if you will continue or not. It is your life anyway, any doctor doesn't know how you feel or how you think, life is yours live it your way!

March 06, 2015


The real secret to success is no secret. It has been preached everywhere, a lot of motivational stuffs on the social media, a lot of educational books, programs, they are all true. 

They have the common words such as: desire, hardwork, don't give up, try again, fire, believe, persist, dedicate, discipline, greatness, consistency and so on. All of these stuffs are true, there are no bullshits all we need to do is follow them and we will become successful. The gurus on the you tube about money, success, greatness and self improvement are all true, there are no liars there, all of their facts are proven and they already proved it by themselves. Just choose whoever you like to follow, Eric Thomas is there, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, these guys are great and they will lead you to a better life. All we need is to believe, follow their methods or even become creative by tweaking their methods to our liking. All these gurus about success just teach what they learn and experience but they cannot guarantee success for you because you will be the one who will guarantee it for yourself. We are so lucky because the secret formula to success has already been revealed, it is not a secret anymore, it has been decoded many years ago and all we need is to follow and move!

March 06, 2015


A headband, favorite tie, lucky shoes, lucky shirt, bracelet, cool glass, lucky underwear or whatever it is that makes you feel invincible wear it, wear it on the day that you have a very important meeting, interview or any significant event that may change your life.

I am not a believer of luck but if something can make you feel confident and invincible, it will surely give you an advantage. Look at those NBA players who can't play if they are not wearing their favorite socks, headband or wristbands, they are not superstitious but those things make them feel great so that's why they always wear it. I always wear my reading glasses during public speaking because it made me feel smarter and look more professional, the results are great and since then I always wear it whenever I speak at public.

Confidence is the key on any challenges, the more confident you are the more likely you are to win. So if having a tattoo will make you feel braver and tougher then don't hesitate to have one, just make sure that you will not regret it having attached to your body. Everyone of us needs a source of strength to overcome the challenges of life, anything that will give us advantage must be use and must be proudly worn.

March 06, 2015


What is your brand? I mean the brand of work that you give to your employer, the brand of time you give to your family, the brand of attitude you show to the people, the brand of love you give to your behalf, the brand of contribution you give to humanity. Is your brand useless? or are people gonna miss the brand that you have if it is gone? What kind of brand do you want? what kind of brand you want to use?

We make our own brands so watch it and guard it. Your brand maybe outdated or expired and someone cannot use it anymore so take time to reconsider building something new and more useful. Everyone of us don't want to use ugly and useless brands so if you want to get high quality brands then make your brand high quality too.

It is really true that life is unfair but at the end of the day we get what we deserve so if you are putting less effort to make your brand better then the result will you will live in a mediocre life, you will get mediocre results and you will get an average style of living. If you want to succeed use a brand of effort that will get you there, if you want to get healthy use a brand of lifestyle and diet that will make you feel healthy. It is really that simple, we get what we put in, we reap what we sow so invest in a brand that you want to use forever.

March 06, 2015


Do something that you really love, something that you are passionate, do an activity that is not giving you any resistance or something that will not give you any form of regrets. Most people do something because it is what most people do or it is something that looks very cool when you do it. A lot of people do MMA, listen to k-pop, triathlons or anything that is in demand in the present because they think it will make them look cool, strong or they will get a lot of attention by doing it.

I am not saying that those hobbies/interests are bad, I am only saying that just because it is cool to others you will do it too. Don't try to force yourself into something that you really don't love, just because celebrities wear trendy shirts doesn't mean you have to wear it too. Being cool is different from trying to be cool. You are cool already if you are very true to yourself. So what if people tells you that you are not cool or you are out of fashion or what you are doing is a boring stuff. Just tell them to mind their own business and stop faking coolness.

The real meaning of being cool is doing what makes you feel good, choosing what your heart says and ignoring the things/stuffs/people that is out of your taste. Always taste what your taste tells and never get influenced by people around you. If you feel like wearing a 70's polo shirt with lots of flowers then do it. If you feel like listening to 1950's music then do it. If you want to do an old fashioned hobby such as weaving, building puzzles with million pieces, boogie, disco then do it. There are no rules about being cool, we also don't have any generation to follow, just be true to yourself and never try to always fit in. 

March 05, 2015


The cure to laziness is being slow but committed.

For example you want to wash the dishes but you are overwhelmed of its huge numbers and sizes, the technique here is do it slowly but committed, never pause, never look for excuses to stop. Just do it slow, one thing that makes us lazy is we look at the task as big and very hard to finish. Just do what you can do for the mean time, start with the easiest part of the job, break it into pieces and when you get your momentum you will enjoy the job and finish it without stopping. Starting to move is the hardest part because we want to finish the job immediately and rest but we need to slow down, be calm and when you are doing things slowly you will finish it faster because you can think clearly, you are more organize and you will avoid nonsense mistakes like dropping spoons, forks, spilling the water etc. etc.

Practicing slow movement is not only applicable for washing the dishes, it can also be applied to any kind of task. Just do it slow if you are feeling lazy, feel your body, move your feet and arms gradually, never rush and never think about your pending tasks if there are. Being lazy is not an attitude it is a habit and there are reasons for being lazy, one big reason is we get anxious for a certain job because we think that it needs long hours to finish and that is why we look for an alternative to forget it for a meantime. Doing other things instead of the task that we must do will only give pain to our ass, it will make us forget for a while but when we come back to reality, it gets harder to move and finish the task that we ought to do. You must jump immediately to the task that you must do, again do it slowly if you feel lazy, never stop, do first the things that will give you momentum or the easiest part of the task and then you FINISH! as simple as that.

March 05, 2015


Accept the reality, not all people will like you whether you like it or not. If a place where you are at now is not giving you the treatment that you deserve or the opportunity that you are waiting find another place where you can shine. If you are in a team where your coach is benching you for the whole game find another team that will trust you more, stop accepting that you are not good enough to play. If you are in a school where your talents cannot be appreciate and people around you cannot accept who you are transfer to another school start all over again and do better this time. If you are in a company where hardwork is not being noticed and leeches are the ones that thrive, file your resignation right away and look for another company where your hardwork will be rewarded.

There is always a place where you belong you'll just have to find it. You can find a place where you can shine and all of your skills and talents will be appreciated, you can find a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself. There is no need to stick in a place where you cannot stomach the treatment and the people around you. You have the choice, you can stay where you are and be small for your whole life or you can find a place where you fit in and be the best that you can ever be.