February 24, 2015


What you are doing now will become the deciding factor for your future. 

If you are addicted to gambling now then maybe you will become a gambling lord someday or a man who is in a huge debt. You will become inline with life that involves gambling. You cannot be a priest or pilot by playing with cards.

If you spend most of your hours watching television then you will have a hard time finding a job in the future, no company is seeking an individual whose talent is very skilled in pressing the remote control.

If you are studying now, working hard to improve your situation then you will have a bright future. Your actions has equivalent results, if you are doing positive then you will become attracted to positive situations as simple as that, you reap what you sow as the old saying goes.

Be involve with good habits, always invest in positive actions, your destination is very much connected with your present action. 

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