February 25, 2015


You think too much how to get it done, then you didn't even notice that its been weeks, months or years and yet you are still thinking how to do it. 

You think too much of what will people say and how will they react that is why you become conservative and based all your actions on what they expect. You think too much of what color of shirt to wear, what is the title of your first book, what is the outcome if you do this, do that and all of a sudden no accomplishment has been achieved. You think too much of being perfect that is why you always find something wrong. Thinking too much is not really thinking, it is just worrying. We don't need to think too much we just need to move, do it and accept what might happen. Thinking to much will freeze you, give you doubts and stop you from progressing. You think too much of your plan then suddenly you forgot to execute. If you will just convert the hours of thinking to hours of actions then you will get more results. I am not saying that it is bad to think but sometimes it is better to just move and stop thinking too much.

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