February 26, 2015


There is always a technique on how to get the job done perfectly and it is your responsibility to find it. 

Wondering why someone can solve the rubik's cube so fast and effortless? why someone can swim like a fish and never get drowned? why someone can speech in front of hundreds of people and never mess up? Well there is no secret behind their capabilities you will simply practice everyday and you can also do what others can do. Practice everyday and you can decode the techniques and moves needed to do amazing things.

You can discover it on your own by doing hundreds of hours of repetition on the skill that you are mastering. Of course there is no such thing as shortcuts for success, you will fail over and over again, get frustrated and will experience the feeling of giving up but when you look at how far you've become you will easily get motivated and get back on track. Track your progress, appreciate your improvement everyday, give a lot of attention to details and you will know how to become great at something.

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